Wednesday, October 27, 2021
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Jar, 4th Edition Cassette KMRU

Jar is a journey through the dust of time. Merging found sounds, analog warmth, and granular dreams along the way. The 4th Edition Cassette is...
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Neuzeit Orbit | Part 01 | First Patch

First Patch Orbit is an effect module providing bit crushing, harmonizing, and filtering. It doesn't do anything on its own, so it needs an external...

Ornament & Crime | Episode 02 | Harrington 1200 + Quantermain

Harrington 1200 + Quantermain It's been great fun to make this video. Harrington 1200 is an app to help you make triads (three-note chords). I...

FX-AID | Creating your Own FX banks

Weather Drones 1.5 by Eowave

Sale and Special Discount

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The Most Expensive Microphones & Audio Gear Kit I Ever Bought

My newest field recording equipment which I'm using to record new sounds all across the world! My most expensive field recording kit is worth...
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Modern Instruments

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The Right Choice When It Comes to Updating Your Software

Software subscriptions or yearly updates, which one is better? Software subscriptions are the best choice when it comes to updating your software. Software Subscriptions make...

The Future of Creativity Is Here

What is the best time to be creative? Creativity is a gift. It's what separates humans from animals, and the things we create with them...

Why your trailer music track gets rejected | Two Steps from Hell Collapsing Solar System

Let's talk about why your trailer music track gets rejected. As an example, I will use my Two Steps from Hell track Collapsing Solar...

How I make 6900 EUR of additional income per month as a composer | Additional income ideas

In this video, I want to talk about how I make 6900 EUR of additional income per month as a composer with non-music writing...

How to make your own custom hybrid drum loops | Music production

In this video, let's dive into some music production in Studio One and Kontakt 6 and find out how to make your own custom...

Too Late to Mine Crypto – Should I still try to mine cryptos or Is it too late?

If you are just getting started in the cryptocurrency world, it can be difficult to figure out what coin is worth mining. Cryptocurrencies require...

Easy method to writing epic trailer music

Let's get into an easy method to writing epic trailer music. Most of the time, new music composers overthink the process, try to make...


In the past we made a video about "How much YouTubers make with 10000" and now that we reached over 20000, its time to...

AE Modular Latest

AE Modular Bread Board Cable Holders by Flavorwave  As reported earlier AE Modular Bread Board Cable Holders by Flavorwave was planned to be ready for...
Coming this May... This cable management is for my loose AE Modular cables that are sitting beside your racks in a box. Check it out...

AE Modular 2TONE New Module

2TONE Module (AE Modular) 2TONE is a dual bass-treble tone control, that is a quite useful companion for the MIXCONSOLE, to shape the overall spectrum...

AE Modular VMBRIDGE New Module

VMBRIDGE Module (AE Modular) The VMBRIDGE module offers all necessary level adaptations for cross-patching between Volca Modular and AE modular! Although both use the same...
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