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T-Gen for XSI released




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T-Gensimartom did release T-Gen, T-Gen is a tree and plant generator plugin which is fully integrated into XSI. According to simartom T-Gen comes with over 80 appearance and distribution parameters, full utilization of XSI curves and node-based hierarchy ensures great flexibility and huge possibilities while creating your own trees and plants. Almost all parameters of T-Gen are animatable, so you can create animations of growing trees, plants and even abstract objects. T-Gen features include:

  • Tree and Plant generation
  • Customizable Leaf and Branch design
  • Animatable trees and plants
  • Preset Manager and additonal presets on the website
  • Node-based tree and plant hierarchy
  • Geometry optimization

The regular T-Gen price is 119 EUR, however you can buy T-Gen now for promotional price 99 EUR (lasts until October 25,2007)

Before you buy you could trial T-Gen by using T-Gen Free which provides most of T-Gen Master functionality.

You can find more information on the T-Gen website


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