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Trapcode Form released




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Trapcode Form has been released. It is a grid-based 3D particle system with a twist. It can be used to create fluid, organic patterns, complex geometric structures and swirling stringy animations etc and it can be used to visualize audio. Form works in AE 7 and later.

Trapcode Forms features:

  • Uses AE’s comp camera
  • Audio visualizer features
  • Controls to easily make seamless loops
  • Supports Depth of Field
  • Fast rendering
  • Works in 16bit and 8bit per channel color depths
  • Handles non-square pixel aspect ratio correctly
  • Built-in motion blur
  • Available for Mac OSX (PPC+Intel) and Windows

You can read the online help and learn more about the presets that come with Trapcode Form.

More info, examples and video tutorials are available to you in the online help.

The price is USD 199 and owners of Trapcode Particular can get a USD 50 discount when purchasing Trapcode Form before Dec 15th, use this link.


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