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Trapcode Form has been released. It is a grid-based 3D particle system with a twist. It can be used to create fluid, organic patterns, complex geometric structures and swirling stringy animations etc and it can be used to visualize audio. Form works in AE 7 and later.

Trapcode Forms features:

  • Uses AE’s comp camera
  • Audio visualizer features
  • Controls to easily make seamless loops
  • Supports Depth of Field
  • Fast rendering
  • Works in 16bit and 8bit per channel color depths
  • Handles non-square pixel aspect ratio correctly
  • Built-in motion blur
  • Available for Mac OSX (PPC+Intel) and Windows

You can read the online help and learn more about the presets that come with Trapcode Form.

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More info, examples and video tutorials are available to you in the online help.

The price is USD 199 and owners of Trapcode Particular can get a USD 50 discount when purchasing Trapcode Form before Dec 15th, use this link.


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