’31 Days of Oscar’ promo

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Wednesday, 30 January 2008
  • Time to read: 1 min.

31 Days of Oscar promo

A great ‘31 Days of Oscar‘ promo from Fresh Paint is packed with stunning visual effects. “Using a combination of shot elements and 3d, we were able to bring a contemporary feel to otherwise classic movies.” As we look at this more from a vfx and Digital F/X point of view the spot shows a fascinating way how to combine footage, blend different scenes, mix the movie clips with the crew that is on stage and use effects like rain, smoke, lightning many, glass shattering, explosions and many other animations. This 2 minutes spot was done as a In Theatre promotion for TCM’s Oscar block of programming.

31 Days of Oscar promo

Fresh Paint is a design/animation/live-action directing team headed up by Kevin Robinson and Mike Papagni. Robinson had previously been director of animation at Brand New School and, most recently, a partner and creative director for Inner Circle Collective. Kevin has a unique perspective on the industry: Armed with a film school and cgi background, he has received many awards based on his design and storytelling skills.

Papagni is an effects, lighting, and rendering powerhouse, having worked as a lead 3d artist and technical director for places like Psyop, National Television, Brand New School, and Inner Circle Collective. The team has received many awards from such prestigious organizations as Type Director’s Club, AIGA, D&AD, Metro CAF, Stash, and the Art Directors Club.

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