Rhythm & Hues did release a small introduction about camera tracking (using Maya live):

The movies are on Rhythm & Hues web site

  1. Introduction to camera tracking (1.2 MB)
  2. Example to show the need for camera tracking (14.6 MB)
  3. Maya live setup (7.3 MB)
  4. Initial alignment of the camera (6.0 MB)
  5. Fine tuning the alignment of the camera (10.8 MB)
  6. Tracking 2d points (6.7 MB)
  7. Tracking 2d points(contd.) (8.1 MB)
  8. Adding Constraints (7.0 MB)
  9. Solving the camera (3.0 MB)
  10. Improving the track further (5.9 MB)

Best would be if you download the Video Tutorial by Right-clicking on the link and choose ‘Save Link As’ or ‘Save Target As’ to save the video file on your local system

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