Phase One Capture One 3.7.8 & 4.0.1

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 17 March 2008
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Backs side by side

Phase One has released versions 3.7.8 and 4.0.1. These releases add new cameras to the compatibility list and fix bugs in previous versions. Full details in the release notes Capture One 4.0.1 release notes, Capture One PRO 3.7.8 for Windows release notes and Capture One DB 3.7.8 for Windows release notes.

A number of new cameras are supported in this new version of Capture One (PRO only):Capture One PRO

New camera support

  • Canon 1D Mark III, 1Ds Mark III, 40D, G9
  • Nikon D3, D40X, D300
  • Olympus E-3, E-410, E-510

Solved issues in 3.7.8

  • Improved dual output calibration for P series digital backs
  • Enhanced pattern noise suppression
  • Fixed Live Preview column mapping errors for Phase One digital backs
  • Lens Cast Calibration improvements for preview for Phase One digital backs

Capture One4 boxCapture One 4 includes a number of features

  • New user interface offers maximum space for the images. Images, not sliders and ontrols, are the focus. A darker background permits easier image viewing and nhancements. As with previous generations of Capture One, a guided workflow is vailable to assist the photographer in the image enhancement processView and work with up to 12 images simultaneously at full resolution;
  • Powerful new shortcut architecture allows faster image import, adjustment androcessing;
  • Multiple Variants of a single RAW image can be made with virtually no disk and erformance overhead;
  • Recover details in highlights and shadows with High Dynamic Range tool;
  • Share or showcase your images with the stylish Web Contact Sheet feature;
  • Fine-tune your images with responsive sharpness and noise controls Achieve consistency with a single touch: combine settings (e.g. within white balance) in tool Presets for easy reuse Import and export images in DNG format, for more options to share and archive;
  • Manage and transfer license codes, enabling operation of Capture One on one computer ne day and on another computer the next.
  • Many more features are included in Capture One 4, be sure to try them out!

What’s new in Capture One 4 (4.0.1)

  • Support for Canon G9 and Sony DSLR-A700 cameras
  • A number of issues found in previous versions of Capture One 4 have been solved.



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