Cinema4D R12 packages

We have been looking into selecting a new render and animation package. There are many possible and good products in this space, all could produce similar results, some have more features then others, some are more industry standard then others and some are easier to learn. To select a package was not easy.

We selected coming from XSI Advanced a different vendor and software package and went with Cinema 4D Studio.We  have been so far very happy with Cinema 4D R12 and it’s features. We selected while the new rendering engine was enhanced with linear workflow two additional render the Cinema 4D implementation of vray from Chaos Group and its Cinema 4D implementation VRAYforC4D and the Maxwell Renderer from Next Limit for more realistic rendering results. Both VRAY and Maxwell are using rendering technologies which produces better and more realistic image quality, not only in architecture, interior design, product design and film production.

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