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Comparing Pianos from Galaxy Instruments and 8DIO




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Comparing different Pianos from Galaxy Instruments with two sampled Steinway pianos from 8DIO.

My findings are that the Galaxy Instruments pianos are very playable. The overall sound of Galaxy II pianos is very moving, you do hear the effort that went into recording those pianos.

Vienna Grand Imperial is powerful, dark, and full-bodied. The 1929 German Baby Grand is cozier, intimate, and has a more singing tone. Galaxy Steinway has the purest sounding tone fits any musical style, many used it for pop and jazz.

The 8DIO pianos come with a different tone and compliment perfect each other. 8Dio’s 1928 Legacy Steinway Scoring Piano is dark and warm. 1969 Steinway (Model D) Concert Grand Piano is brighter, lively.

Pianos used:


Harry in Winter Interpretation by Paul T. McGraw

DAW: Cubase, no additional effects in the box

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