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Sample Logic has released today LOOP SESSION SERIES – RHYTHMOLOGY (Affiliate link here and below) which can be used with your existing RHYTHMOLOGY more as an expansion or standalone without the need to buy RHYTHMOLOGY.

As LOOP SESSION SERIES (LSS) can be used without RHYTHMOLOGY you may wonder about the difference feature LSS offer when used standalone or embedded in RHYTHMOLOGY.
The main different is that the loops included are not able to be treated with effects inside the GUI that sample logic provides, you can still put effects in your DAW on every track played in post.

When you use LSS within RHYTHMOLOGY you can see the loops that you marked as fav in LSS. And you can as usually add effects. The main difference is when you have RHYTHMOLOGY that you get the included sounds/loops as wav files(5GB)

1000+ loops in 21 NKI instruments
5GB of .wav formatted audio loops ready for editing

Customers who have RHYTHMOLOGY can upgrade for currently $49.99, the current STANDALONE PRICE $99.99.
Those introductory prices will expire on July 5th and increase after.

You can buy it using the Affiliate Link below:

Loop Session Series – Rhythmology

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