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Kinetic Toys from Native Instruments Playthrough




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Kinetic Toys from Native Instruments Playthrough

Lose yourself in a fantasy world of toy sounds, spacey synthesized tones, morphing, and creative effects. … KINETIC TOYS offers dynamic playback of 200+ recordings of vintage children’s toys, tools, and treats, each with a custom synthesized layer to create playable tones.

KINETIC TOYS features over 200 individual sound sources – including a wide variety of well-known and unusual children’s toys, games, and even snacks. These are combined with custom synthesized tones, to create musically tuned, playable hybrid patches. In total KINETIC TOYS features 3.5 GB of all original content, including 670 sounds split across 35 themed Instruments (NKIs). Each of the 35 included instruments contains four sounds, each built from a toy source and a complementary synthetic source (giving a total of eight sound sources in a single instrument). The sounds are mixed together and processed through four onboard effects.

KINETIC TOYS was created in collaboration with sound designer Jeremiah Savage. For over a year, Jeremiah scoured shops and markets (and his own attic… ) for the sounds and toys of his childhood, discovering a few new ones along the way.

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