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Heavier7Strings by Three-Body Tech




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Three-Body Tech released Heavier7Strings a 7-stringed metal-style guitar virtual instrument with a full effect rack and patterns library. The sample library consists more than 10,000 samples, totaling 8 GB.


Key features:
  • 7-string instrument recorded at ultra-low noise level
  • Includes  provided effects rack
  • Focus on real-time playability
  • Automatic apprehension: fret board position, up/down picking and strumming
  • Chord detect function and automatic power chords playing
  • Runs as a standalone plugin does not require any third party player
  • 200 factory MIDI patterns with additional rack effects presets
  • Possibility to export MIDI pattern into the DAW by dragging it
Heavier7Strings Main 
Heavier7Strings engine Tonal/Harmonic Reconstruction and Shaping (THRASH)  provides multiple characters changing functions:
  • Round Robin: in addition to 16x recorded Round Robins at maximum, random timbre and envelope changes are applied on samples to provide more striking playing;
  • True guitar doubling: two guitars playing together on left and right channel, each has individual arbitrary note delay and Round Robin choice
  • Sample-based LFO: modulate sample pitch with pitch curves extracted from real-world vibrato playing
  • Dynamically recoups the formant during pitch-bend
  • Digitally emulated tone knob and pickup switch
  • Adjustable tension and resonance

Heavier7Strings includes an effect rack. The effect rack has 19 effect modules, including AMP, Overdrive, Screamer, Flanger, Ping-Pong Delay, etc. The modules can be freely assembled, and all these modules can run in stereo to work with doubling mode. 

Heavier7Strings Rack

The AMP and cabinet modules have following features:

  • AMP module works in 2-8X super sampling to avoid high-frequency aliasing
  • 16 AMP styles from heavy metal to clean sound
  • 66 cabinet factory impulse responses (IR)
  • Effect rack contains a preset manager to store effect presets

Heavier7Strings Amp

MIDI Pattern

Heavier7Strings contains 200 predefined MIDI patterns, together with effect rack configurations. The style of these patterns ranges from metal, rock, pop, clean, and non-rhythmic noise and ambient sounds. All these patterns can be dragged into host DAWs, and users can define their own patterns by MIDI clip.

Heavier7Strings Rack Midi

Included Performances:

  • Infinite sustain
  • Hammer-on & pull-off
  • Legato slide in/out
  • Pinch harmonics
  • Tremolo
  • Gliss
  • Palm-mute
  • Picking-noise
  • Polyphonic legato
  • Inspiration keys to instantly play wonderfully  characters/insanity performances
  • String and fret board position
  • Up/down picking
  • Strumming: deduce complete chord from part of composing notes
  • Trigger power chords from root note


Heavier7Strings  is available until Aug, 31st 2017 for an intro price of $199, after that date the price goes up to $249.


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