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LIGHTless by STRING AUDIO is a unique  Omnisphere 2 expansions. LIGHTless is a sample library using new samples compared to many many other libraries which are patches only and do not come with new sampled content. LIGHTless includes  2.4 GB samples which are a huge amount of content for an Omnisphere 2 extension. All included samples for LIGHTless has been created by STRING AUDIO and is based on new original content, recorded and modified by STRING AUDIO.

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STRING AUDIO has done a fabulous job when it comes to the included samples and sound design crafts. The result is an incredible library of hybrid, organic signature patches, and multis that delivers a new palette of sounds freshness in your music productions. STRING AUDIO did send me a review copy which I could play with: My first impression was “extremely impressive, wonderful, scary. Well done.”

Installation is easy, you simply within the Utility menu select to install “.omnisphere” and browse to the location where you unzipped the downloaded file. You get an information window where you need to select ok and when finished (can take a while depending on your system) you receive a final window with the information what was installed.

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LIGHTless includes:

  • 2.4 GB of brand new String Audio signature samples exclusively produced for Omnisphere 2 engine
  • 331 Soundsources
  • 332 Patches
  • 106 Multis
  • 1 click easy installation
  • Require Omisphere 2.3 or above (sold separately by Spectrasonics)

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Intro price ends September, 12th 79$ – regular price 99$. You can purchase LIGHTless here (Affiliate Link) for two weeks at a reduced price.
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