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Origins of Audio did very recently release Mysterium – Deconstructed Toy Piano and send me a copy for review with no strings attached. If you ask yourself now: Do I need another toy piano? Let me assure you the sounds included in Mysterium are really beyond a classical toy piano. Origins of Audio recorded the characteristic hard sound of a two-octave standing toy piano which had a slightly off-tune sound with a natural range of C3 to C5. The recording has been mangled through sound design which resulted in the Kontakt Library Mysterium. Mysterium is far from just being a toy piano and more located in the area of sound design and exceptionally beneficial instruments for your composition.

Mysterium is a collection of 16 different Kontakt instruments, which resulted from the process of different sound designed techniques and effects of the samples of a single toy piano.” said Alex Koxi, founder of Origins of AudioBesides the actual toy piano sound, soundscapes, cinematic effects, drones, and heavy processed experimental sounds can be combined to create a unique and enigmatic atmosphere to your compositions.“

Table of Contents

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The full version of Kontakt (and above) is required. This library is not suitable for the free Kontakt Player.

With Mysterium you will discover:

  • Bells From Hell
  • Broken Violin
  • Cinematic Effects
  • Delay Reversed
  • Dirty Robot Tricks
  • Dragon’s Breath
  • Dry Hits
  • Industrial Hits
  • Mr. Oktavier
  • Natural
  • Ominous
  • Pendulum
  • Screaming Tree
  • Singing Bowl
  • Some Soundscape
  • Sonar Notes

Where Mysterium shines are the available effects on the front page, you unquestionably need to mangle every sound you try as you will find some unusual sounds through the results included.


After purchase and download the Kontakt library, you unarchive and copy the library to your preferred location for your Kontakt libraries. After a within Kontakt “Batch re-save” you can quickly browse through the included instruments.

User interface & Usability

These days different companies have different approaches on how you can use the full potential of a virtual instrument. Origins of Audio has found a beneficial way to allow you to change the sounds to discover new techniques. You change the instrument by loading a new Kontakt library.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Mysterium – Deconstructed Toy Piano is an excellent library for soundscapes, cinematic effects, drones, atmosphere, and massive prepared sounds to create a different kind of emotions like obsessed, haunted, terrifying, and scary. With the incorporated FX tools, you can further change the sounds to create variations to create unique tones for your project. Alex and team have managed to provide unique and new instruments from a toy piano that you know in a very different way.

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Mysterium – Deconstructed Toy Piano by Origins of Audio Review
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