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IK Multimedia Production did release an update for Syntronik. Version 1.1 can be found in your user area and includes aftertouch, effect chain presets, interface improvements and enhanced editing for multis.

What’s New in Syntronik version 1.1

  • Quick Edit on Multi page: now features dedicated level and pan sliders as well as effects and arpeggiator bypass for all parts at once
  • Effects – new drag & drop repositioning, chain presets, lock and global bypass shortcut features
  • MIDI assignable aftertouch for enhanced performance expression
  • The length of arpeggiator patterns is now controllable via MIDI
  • Vibrato can now be assigned to either the Modwheel or the Aftertouch
  • Faster database rebuilding process for streamlined library management

The Syntronik 1.1 update is available to registered users in the User Area.

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