Cinematic Shades a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review

Cinematic Shades is a dark and artistic expansion for UVI’s Falcon. This library is a collection of sounds designed for trailer, film composers and sound designer who look for convincing emotive elements for their score. UVI sent a review copy with no strings attached.

Cinematic Shades by UVI

UVI does share some background information about the creation of this great library: “A collaboration from sound designers Richard Gale and Carlo de Gregorio, Cinematic Shades dives deep into the dark and experimental side of music and sound culminating from of over 15 years of sound design experience. Ranging from brooding and ethereal to brazen avant-garde glitch, patches can easily be morphed and performed to suit numerous uses. Create unyielding tension, thunderous releases and rich, expansive sound environments with various playable instruments and modern cinematic textures. Utilizing both acoustic recordings and raw synthesis the sounds of Cinematic Shades come alive with rich dynamics and micro-detail, ready to add depth, impact and evolving atmospheres to your productions.


After purchase, UVI or possibly a reseller will send you a code that you can use to register the library with UVI and as well assign  Cinematic Shades to your iLOK account. After downloading and activating the library in iLOK, you can use the library within Falcon(version 1.3.0+). Falcon is required; it is not compatible with UVI Workstation.


The library includes 130 dark, sad, sometimes ethereal and demoralizes presets sorted by atmospheres, basses, cinematics, melodics, pads, sequences, and textures presented in incredible depth and unique quality.

The library runs in Falcon. Kontakt user may ask: What is Falcon? Falcon is one of those best-kept secrets in the composer community as many of us use Kontakt or one of the many available synths and miss out on this robust tool that has excellent usability and remarkably forceful when it comes to the features possible with this tool. Falcon is the more powerful version of UVI Workstation with some additional features like a Synth, Sampler,  and Sequencer. Falcon runs as a standalone client or in your DAW (VST, AU, AAX) on MAC or Windows (please check UVI website for technical requirements). Falcon is better structured and easier to use when you compare it to other tools like Kontakt.

User interface & Usability

The UI is straightforward and gives you the option to dive deep into the Falcon engine.

Screen Shot 2017 12 11 at 17.54.06

In Falcon you have access to all effects used, change them or add new effects. Falcon and its modular design allows you to add and remove effects and easily create new ideas and patches.

Screen Shot 2017 12 11 at 17.24.46

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Cinematic Shades includes outstanding cinematic textures, atmospheres, melodies, pads, and sequences. This library is pushing the boundaries and would be if available in Kontakt also a must have for Kontakt user. The included presets are excellent for any horror,  post-apocalyptic soundtrack or trailer. The library is available for Falcon (only) and comes with perfect sounds that enhance your score or help in sound design.  This library is an excellent way to show the outstanding features of Falcon which is for Kontakt user a big miss and should be looked at actively. If you need dark and unyielding tension sounds this is a must buy.

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