Analog Motion a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review

Analog Motion preset expansion for UVI’s Falcon offers rich and dynamic electronic tones of the golden age of analog synthesis. The library has some pretty interesting sounds, which can be taken further by using the high-quality build in effect in Falcon. UVI sent a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, you receive a code that you need to register with UVI and then can download the patch which requires 7 MB of Disk Space. After activating in iLOK, the patch is ready to use within Falcon.

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The included sounds have been inspired by classic and analog sounds from John Carpenter, Vangelis, Giorgio Moroder, Tangerine Dream, and Thomas Dolby. This expansion contains 111 presets to get you started. Through the deep Falcon interface, you can further change the sounds easily. The presets are sorted by arpeggiated, sequence, playable, chords, and FX. In each segment, you find quite a lot of patches, except in the chords and FX sections. There a no sharp spiky instruments, they are slightly relaxed and charming vintage analog sounds to use.

User interface & Usability

UVI provides a simple and easy to use interface where you can mix any of the used instruments in one patch, some patches give you more control on the “front page” to impact the sounds with the included FX. You can assign the effect knobs through MIDI CC and command them with your MIDI controller of choice. Some other user did report that the library is system heavy which I did not experience at all.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Analog Motion uses the hybrid engine of Falcon unbelievable well. You get fat and moving sounds that come with great use. The presets sound pretty good, and you can layer them up with additional instruments (loops, ambiances, percussive, and others) and you get good use of them. You may get Analog Motion for free when you use the voucher that you receive when you buy Falcon. Otherwise, the expansion is priced at 39 Euros.

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Analog Motion a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review
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