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Filterstation 2 by Audio Damage




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Filterstation 2 by Audio Damage

Audio Damage published Filterstation 2. Filterstation 2 shapes sounds, instruments to be more interesting. Version 2 is an update to Filterstation that was originally released several years ago. Filterstation version 2 has a different name and internal identifier than version 1. This means that you can install version 2 alongside whatever version you are currently using, and continue to use the older version in your existing projects. Version 2 cannot be directly substituted in existing projects and cannot read preset files created by version 1.

Filterstation2 provides two filters in one plug-in, each able to operate in twelve different modes. A simple but flexible low-frequency oscillator, with optional tempo sync, and an envelope follower set Filterstation’s filters in motion.

Filterstation2 by Audio Damage

Filterstation2 includes a redesigned interface and several new enhancement:

  • Twelve different filter algorithms, including MS20 emulation and our classic 914 bandpass and Filterpod lowpass models
  • VCA mode for tremolo and gate effects
  • LFO with twelve different patterns, and both internal and tempo sync modes
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  • Envelope follower for dynamic control of filter frequency
  • Serial, parallel, and true stereo operating modes
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  • Sidechain input for external signal envelope follower
  • Easy-to-use interface for quick programming
  • Vector-based resizable GUI
  • Cross-platform XML-based preset manager




Price and Availability

Filterstation2 is available now for US$49.00. An upgrade for existing Filterstation owners is US$10.00.


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