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Aparillo by Sugar Bytes Review




aparillo Textural Synthesizer Featue

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Aparillo by Sugar Bytes Review

Aparillo, an advanced 16-voice FM synthesizer, has been released mid-December in 2017 by Sugar Bytes.

aparillo Textural Synthesizer Stomped

Sugar Bytes is a Berlin-based company focusing on Plug-ins for studio musicians and live performers. Multi-effects like Looperator, Turnado & Artillery changed the way music made in a professional production setting.  Egoist, Obscurium, and Factory are all recognized tools to improve composing and assist your creativity through their fresh approach. In December Aparillo has been added to Sugar Bytes portfolio. Sugar Bytes send a review copy with no strings attached.  


Straightforward: After purchase, you receive the needed codes to activate the synth. The obtained license covers according to Sugar Bytes both the macOS and Windows version and can be activated for two computers at the same time. Aparillo works as a VST / AU / AAX plugin.

You can download a demo here.


The Synth is driven by two FM Operators which allows you to create complex and breathing waveforms. By using the included tools and effects, you can produce novel sounds that will be unique and impress not only your client.

aparillo Textural Synthesizer 1

The included Orbiter takes the sounds you create to new areas and is one of the main features that makes this synth so unique. An Orbiter object allows you to control 15 parameters at once. The wonderful concent is that this parameter (see image below) are transforming the sound based on the surroundings. You can quickly move them around and visually see how the parameter influence (they connect and disconnect) the music.

Orbiter Detail

By using the extremely natural interface, you can shape and mangle the sounds you create further. Just playing with the Orbiter function alone allows you to discover new sounds. The Orbiter feature helps you also to create convincing sonic motions. Randomization of the object positions, amounts and radius are supported.

aparillo Textural Synthesizer 2

Aparillo effects (FX) section gives you through the same easy to use interface the control you need to shape the sounds you are working.

aparillo Textural Synthesizer 4

Sugar Bytes arpeggiator allows you uniquely sequence your audio signal. In a nutshell, the arpeggiator enables you to create very believable and unique sound sequences, a nerdier explanation in the video below.

With the included 500+ presets you can discover what is possible with this synth. Start with a preset and take it from there through the intuitive interface.

User interface & Usability

The UI is easy to use and allows you to program complex sounds quickly. When I started to use Aparillo, I could promptly design my sounds. The UI is designed in a way that it allows both factions the more technical & nerdy user and the non-tech savvy musician to create something new.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Aparillo is a leading synth for producing cinematic, magnificent textural and organic sounds. This synth sound designer dream engine. Independent if you want to get to results with just a few clicks or spend an enormous time to change in detail all available settings, the UI has you covered to do both. 

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