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Subculture a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review




Subculture a Falcon Expansion Featured

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Subculture a Falcon Expansion by UVI Review

With the latest Falcon expansion Subculture, UVI goes into the dark and deep sounds. Subculture was created for film composer and producers of EDM, Drum & bass, electronic, and garage music. Subculture adds to Falcon with 110 subs, stabs, atmospheres, FX and more. The sound has been developed by Richard Gale and Carlo de Gregorio. Following Cinematic Shades Subculture is the second Falcon expansion Richard and Carlo collaborated on. UVI  did send a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, you receive a code that you need to use to register the expansion with UVI and activate it in iLok. Download the patches from UVI and move it to you Falcon soundbanks location. Done, you are now ready to load the patches in Falcon. A Falcon license is required; SubCulture is not compatible with UVI Workstation.


SubCulture leaps toward the underground with a dark collection of obscure ambiances, touching cinematic textures, aggressive growling basses, and musical patches. The presets span across Classic, Composite, Composite, Free, and Sync categories.

With Classic, you get your bass sounds/instruments you need for every score you do. In Composite, you find moving, evolving and live-like sounds (remember to play longer notes) that are on their own great for underscore and sound design. In Effects, you get those dark envolving scenarios almost like small stories and some effects that are told when you play a note. Looking for musical patches, all patches in Free and Sync have those for you.

  • Classic – bass instruments
  • Composite – evolving sounds
  • Effects – dark stories to be told
  • Free & Sync – musical rhythmic patches

SubCulture presets are editable in Falcon, allowing you to further develop the sound you need.





User interface & Usability

UVI seems to always develop a new and great UI for the different Falcon expansion that exists. The UI mirrors the dark tone of the library and allows you to easily adjust the sounds to taste. Controls can be mapped and controlled via MIDI or OSC.

Subculture a Falcon Expansion 1 1
Subculture a Falcon Expansion

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Falcon gets now the long-awaited expansion that focuses on the sub-bass frequencies.  You can create some nasty bass musical phrase. Subculture is perfect for a composer who wants to add cruel and unnerving tone to their music, trailer, film and game scores. You get plenty of bass instruments and sounds that can sit in your face or as a dishearten underscore to set an emotion in pictures. If you have Falcon you should get this expansion to extend your bass sounds.


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