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​METROPOLIS ARK 3 Review – The Beating Orchestra by Orchestral Tools




​ METROPOLIS ARK 3 The Beating Orchestra

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METROPOLIS ARK 3 Review – The Beating Orchestra by Orchestral Tools

When Orchestra Tools started the product Metropolis Ark line with Ark 1 (great full sound), followed by Ark 2 (dark, sonorous sounding low magnetic epicness) it was a big blow to the composer community, and I assume started on of a most successful product line for Orchestra Tools. If you are looking for epic cinematic sounds for film scores and trailer music the whole Metropolis Ark range is for you.

Metropolis Ark 3 is out now for almost one month, released just before Chrismas 2017 Metropolis Ark 3 is the third part of a series that expectedly gets extended in December 2018 with the fourth version. Metropolis Ark 3 is, in a nutshell, an epic and supermassivity over the top orchestral library. many commented on Ark 1 that the sound is huge, Ark 3 is supermassivity huge!



After purchase, you receive the needed code to download the library through Continuata, after some hours (depends on your Internet connection) you can install and register the Kontakt Library.


When I first saw the early information of a new Metropolis Ark 3 I got the impressions that  METROPOLIS ARK 3 will be another percussion library. Later when more information has been released it has become obvious that this library is a huge library with great Brass, Strings, Woods and multis and of course also Percussions.

Metropolis Ark 3 includes

  • Eight orchestral sections (High Strings, Low Strings, String Quintet, Trumpet Ens, Horn Ens, Low Brass Ens, Low Woodwinds Ens, High Woodwinds Ens)
  • Taiko Ensembles and Taikos of all kinds and sizes
  • Epic percussion ensembles and single instruments
  • Very low drums, toms, snares, found percussion gongs, cymbals and, wooden percussion,  and clicks & clacks
  • Timpanis ensemble and more

Most of the instruments (single and multi) are playable patches plus very usable patterns not heard before at this level of completeness. The multis are carefully designed and sound great out of the box

Metropolis Ark 3 Multies 1

All Metropolis Ark libraries (Ark 1, Ark 2, and Ark 3) have been recording at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin, Germany. The same mics and mic position have been used so you can blend Ark 3 with the other two Arks easily in your mix. Metropolis Ark 3 are completely new recordings made for this library.

Orchestra Tools worked with more than 100 musicians resulting in these 4 areas in Kontakt plus the Multies

  • District I: The Beating Orchestra
    String Orchestra
    String Quintett
    Woodwind Orchestra
    Brass Orchestra
    Percussion Orchestra
    Taiko Ensembles Menu
    Percussion Ensembles
  • District II: Percussion Ensembles
    Taiko Ensembles
    Percussion Ensembles
    Timpani Ensemble
    Ensemble Menus
  • District III: Solo Percussion
    Solo Taikos
    Solo Percussion
    Percussion Menus
    Grand Piano
    Solo Menus
    Aux Percussion
  • District IV: Orchestral Sections
    High Strings
    Low Strings
    High Woodwinds
    Low Woodwinds
    Trumpet Ensemble
    Horn Ensemble
    Low Brass

User interface & Usability

All patches use the Orchestra Tools CAPSULE (Control And Performance Symphonic Utility Engine) UI in Kontakt. The UI produced by Orchestra Tools is very powerful and offers you all options needed to shape the tone and character. The usability is more at a medium level and could be gently enhanced, after some time with it you understand what Orchestra Tools is offering in their engine.

Orchestra Tools CAPSULE

Rating:  Five out of five stars

If you want to go epic, big and loud  METROPOLIS ARK 3 – The Beating Orchestra is the current prime Kontakt library to do so. Ark 3 has organic sounding drums, tempo-synched repetitions, great sounding, and curated multis, the brass overall you get a loud sounding big orchestra that plays your score. If you are in the trailer or score to picture business you have made already the investment into Metropolis Ark 3. If you want to step into epic orchestra scoring Metropolis Ark 3 is the best choice on the market currently.

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