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Instinct by AVA MUSIC GROUP Review





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Instinct by AVA MUSIC GROUP Review

Instinct developed by Ava Music Group. The company is a music licensing and managing the business. AVA MUSIC provides excellent hand-picked music for advertising agencies, producers, and filmmakers. As a company sound design from AVA Music has been used in trailers for Pan, San Andreas, Pixel, Ghost Buster, Power Rangers, Fantastic Beats, Justice League and Spider-Man Homecoming. Ava Music Group did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Instinct adds to your armory of sounds effects. There are many similar libraries available. With Instinct, you get some additional cinematic sound effects to the never-ending need for Big Hits, Braams, Drones, Phrases, Risers, Sub Drops, Sub Hits,  Pings,  Loops,  Whoosh-Bangs, and Whooshes. This library launches into an overcrowded market where the choices are many and similar libraries are added each month.


Purchase and download, do a batch re-save in Kontakt. This library requires the full version of Kontakt.


Many of the included sounds are ready for use in Trailer or as effects when you score to picture. More melodic patches got included motion that differs them from the rest of similar libraries.

The number of content included is compared to other libraries at the low to medium end. I would see this as a boutique library with high-quality content. Overall you get 100 recorded sounds.

User interface & Usability

For me, this kind of content should have a different interface. The used Photosynthesis is excellent, and many great libraries have been released with it. I did see recently many libraries that need a UI to deliver the content and preferable that UI should be offering some effects. While Photosynthesis is delivery of this elements Instinct is not leveraging the possibility of Photosynthesis.

Yes, Photosynthesis is kind of easy to use and in the case of Instinct to apply single patches, but just imagine what this content could do in a library that would blend many sources and would use included effects, offer presets that mangle the sounds, while still using the same high raw content.

Rating:  Three out of five stars

Instinct is a library with quality, character and a small footprint when it comes to overall content. The Interface used and amount of included material would need to be enhanced to get to a higher rating. This could be four/five stars if there would be more content included and a different Interface that integrates would be used.

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