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EchoMelt by Psychic Modulation Review




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EchoMelt by Psychic Modulation Review

We did recently review Phonec 2 which is excellent producing vintage analog tones, lo-fi soundscapes, and pads. One of the main  Phonec 2 features is the Melt function that adds style, texture, and glow to the sounds. How about changing the synth and still be able to create warbling “VHS” effects, swirling choruses, lo-fi saturated distortion with your other Instruments or tracks.

EchoMelt by Psychic Modulation is a detuning,  warbling, drifting, and smoother plugin that you can use to melt your tracks and create those stylish old VHS tape sounding recordings. It is based on the Phonec 2 Synthesizer. Psychic Modulation did send a review copy with no strings attached.

EchoMelt with Synth
EchoMelt in combination with Buchla Easel V (Arturia)

Psychic Modulation is very active and listens to customer suggestion one of the requested features was a random feature. Randomization control for each effect section was beside many other enhancements implement in enhancement release in 2017.


After purchase, you receive the links to download the software. Install the plugin and you are ready to go.


EchoMelt creates the “VHS” effects for your VST/AU instruments. It can also add movement to otherwise dull and inactive sounds. As an effect plugin EchoMelt can transform your track with EQ, saturation, delays, send FX and lots of melting.

The plugin has four main effect sections: Melt, Chorus, Echo (Delay), and EQ.
Melt creates a drifting, like yodeling for the vintage VHS character. Melt makes you sound yodeling and melts the sound when you score for a picture that plays in those times.
Chorus adds lushness, depth and puts the sound into position. Echo is great for ambiance phase shifting sounds. Last with the 5-band parametric EQ you can boost or tame specific frequencies to get to the final result.You can change the required parameter and mix in each section individually.

More than 100 presets are included to get you started and offers a great

EchoMelt at a glance:

  • Melt: Analog-style drifting, instability, and random fluctuations
  • Snag: Sporadic pitch jumps and dropouts
  • 2-Voice Chorus with voice Separation and Melting
  • Echo: Pitch shifting dub delay unit
  • Fully Parametric 5-Band EQ
  • Saturation driver can be applied to the overall signal
  • EQ and Melt are both routable
  • Mix controls for each effect as well as Master Mix
  • Sub Presets for each FX section
  • Randomization controls for each effect section

User interface & Usability

The look and feel of the UI mimic the Phonec 2 synth. The area that could improve is the presets management and selecting presets or finding favorite ones again.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

EchoMelt is an excellent effect plugin. After the release of Phonec 2, Psychic Modulation has launched a significant plugin allow you to apply the famous sound of a Phonec 2 on your other synths.

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