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ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Review




ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Seperate

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ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Review

Remember those old spy movies where a recorded conversation that was impossible to understand due to the other sounds and noises recorded. In those movies with one click, all noise was gone, and the spy could listen to the conversation,  sounds and noises are magically eliminated – like they do in the Movie. The truth was that those tools never existed when those old movies have been made.

These days tools like ADX Trax 3 SP are real and come with advanced cloud-based technology to offload complex processing; you can now separate the voice from the noises, music or any other sounds.

With ADX Trax 3 SP you can extract voice/vocals. For a musical track, this means you could rearrange, remix and adjust volume level or apply post-production effects.  DJ’s, remix-artist and the broadcaster can easily mashup, shuffle the lead singer in a song, or create riffs. Post-professional in the film industry uses the software to remove mic bleed in the vocal track or if you need to add volume to the vocals only. Audionamix did send a review copy with no strings attached.

ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Seperate 1


TRAX Pro SP is a standalone application that does not require a DAW. You activate the software on Audionamix Activation Page, download, install and start.


Speech & Melody separation tools are unique, with ADX Trax 3 SP by Audionamix you have access to a tool that allows you to separate the speech or voice from the music or background noises. 

I position ADX Trax 3 SP on the level with higher-end useful and not widely available applications. ADX Trax 3 SP offer the unique tools needed by post-production professionals in the film and advertisement industry. ADX Trax 3 SP is an excellent tool for the film and television industry as it allows to remove sounds from speech recordings as a surgical instrument. Another application supports the mixup to surround if the source audio material is only available in mono or stereo. 

ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Review Import

For musical applications, this tools allows you to extract either the music or vocals from a song process each part through additional tools and original remixes. Nowadays record labels and producers work on their mixes and cover versions with the help of ADX Trax 3 SP.

The software is also excellent for those circumstances where you lost the stems or never had access to the single tracks. ADX Trax 3 SP primary focus is to extract the vocals. You then can use obtained vocals to rearrange, replace, cut or process the vocal track. If you never used these kinds of tools, you will be blown away by the results that are generated by the automated processes. To adjust the voice track to the perfect level, you have to invest some more time to get the best possible result. Your required effort depends on your goal, to get the ideal separated and single voice track you have to spend time with the tool and apply manual adjustments.

ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Spectral

If you are a  filmmaker and post-production professionals, you can use this tool to address noisy dialogue elements and save or adjust field recordings that came with issues when recorded. Another possibility to generate the tracks needed to be able to remix surround is priceless in post-production.

User interface & Usability

Separating the voice in this tool is a task-based process. The UI supports this approach by guiding you through three different screens. You work on the three different tasks depending on the stage you are managing. You have to spend the time to get used to the various tools available, but after a small learning phase, you can do voice separations.

ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Playthrough
ADX TRAX 3 by Audionamix Play

The tools workflow is a technical approach, excellent for an engineer-minded person. I would see immense potential for the filmmaker or semi-professional producer market if the would be a workflow ready for those audiences.

You should use the TRAX Pro SP User Guidetips, and tutorials that are available to hit the ground running. The experiences and learning curve required were identified, and there is now a new tool available called XTRAX STEMS. This tool is position towards quick separation and is less feature rich as  TRAX Pro SP at a lower cost, possibly a better tool for a non-tech-savvy user. If you know RX6 or Melodyne you have an easygoing start with ADX Trax 3 SP.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

ADX Trax 3 SP has a unique place in the in music, film, and advertising industry. You can extract the vocals or voice from the source material and process or reuse it. The relatively steep learning curve and the UI could be simplified. The workflow is what got this tool four stars. If you neglect the complex workflow, I would see this ADX Trax 3 SP scoring a five out of five.

For post-production professionals in the advertisement or film industry ADX Trax 3 SP is a must have tool. Remixing-artist or producer who work on a cover benefit considerably from ADX Trax 3 SP as it allows you to get the job done.

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