Klüsterkitt Konstruktor by pornofonic Instruments Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Klüsterkitt Konstruktor by pornofonic Instruments Review

Klüsterkitt Konstruktor is all about percussion and drums. After a bright launch of pornofonic Instruments first Kontakt Library KLÜSTERJUNKK another excellent sounding instrument has been launched today. I did receive this percussive library before launch and did have quite some time to look into this drum library and as well circle back with pornofonic Instruments for a deep dive.

Pornofonic Instruments Klusterkitt Konstruktor


Klüsterkitt includes not the traditional kick drum, snares, or hi-hat sounds that you are used to from so many other drum instruments. Not being mainstream makes this library so unique as you get new, original, individual kits constructed in the pornofonic Instruments studios. Through the included tools you can disrupt and color the character.

Klüsterkitt Konstruktor is all about live and synthetic percussive instruments and a hybrid combination. There are more than 450 instruments (acoustic: 255; synthetic: 224) included which come with up to 6 Round-robin.

Pornofonic Instruments included an excellent selection of 108 Kit to get you started. Those kits cover a large variety of percussive sounds. When you need more and different sounding Kits, you can use the included effects and instruments to define the drum kit you need quickly. The UI supports you mixing different instrument kits.

pornofonic Instruments Klüsterkitt Konstruktor Change Instrument Snapsho

One of the main aims of this library is to deliver hybrid drum sets, Klüsterkitt Konstruktor includes all needed elements for hybrid and “normal” drum kits. You can blend between entirely acoustic and synthetic ingredients and mix to taste. Overall you get natural and modern sounds. The possible humanization and included round-robin shift assures gets you that realism hybrid perc needs.

The included effects come with over 300 custom convolution impulses ( based on impacts, noise, vinyl, radio, tape, and digital tones and sound design) to mangle, shape, distort the drum samples.

You can use those different impulses to enlarge, sully and excite the drums. The sound material can be further shaped through effects plugins in your daw. Take your time to use those custom convolution impulses the can drastically improve the tone of the drums.

300 custom convolution impulses
custom convolution impulses

What I hope for with the next new product is an included complex and easy to use sequencer plus possibly use sequences in your DAW (midi drag). A multi-output in a through a mixer would be a great addition to the next version of Klüsterkitt KONSTRUKTOR.  Klüsterkitt Konstruktor contains several MIDI files that I used in the Video above to get you started with a groove.

User interface & Usability

The UI is quick to use, and on two pages you have access to all features and parameter included.

pornofonic Instruments Klüsterkitt Konstruktor two pages

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Klüsterkittis an unheard percussive library which includes captured instruments from new exotic sound recordings. Klüsterkitt is very rhythmic on its own and can be added to tracks to signify drive and emotions. EDM/Pop/Hip-Hop producers and as well as a sound designer and composer to picture will benefit significantly from this new percussive instrument. When you use one of the 300 convolution impulses and the included effects you can produce hybrid virgin and crisp sounding drums.

Screen Shot 2018 01 23 at 14.50.48

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