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Amethyst 3 by Acustica Audio Review




Amethyst 3 UI

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Amethyst 3 by Acustica Audio Review

Amek units have been acknowledged for their smooth and clean sound. Acustica Audio Amethyst 3 leverages samples of real Amek consoles. The approach to sample and model after the captured information a plugin result is an authentic sounding tool which is surprisingly close to the actual unit.

With Amethyst, we wanted to create a channel strip full of character, yet versatile enough and suitable for various mixing scenarios,” said Nik Georgiev, Marketing Director, Acustica Audio.”I feel that the tone and design choices in it, at this price, make Amethyst a great first buy for new customers.


You have to use the Acustica Audio tool called Aquarius. This tool makes it easy to install and authenticate the plugin and supports different formats that need to be installed. Acustica Audio did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Amethyst 3 Installation


Amethyst 3 is modeled after classic Amek consoles. Some consider the consoles developed with Ruper Neve the ultimate recording consoles from the past.

Amethyst 3 is a four channel strip with Preamp, Filter, EQ, and compressor. Amethyst 3 can apply subtle changes to the original tracks and mix.

Amethyst 3 UI 1

The plugin is divided into four sections. The input and output section of Amethyst 3 provide +24db to -24db Gain. Also, you get

  • Three Preamps
  • Two EQs – 2 High-pass and Low-pass Filters per EQ
  • One compressor
Amethyst 3 Pre Amp
Amethyst 3 preamps

The preamps section or plugin includes:

  • 9098 Preamp modeled after the 9098 Console Preamp designed by Ruper Neve for Amek. It provides that clean and smooth tone
  • 2500 Mix Preamp modeled after the Amek M2500 Console Channel. It gives that 80’s sound you have heard on so many songs used that Amek Channel
  • 2500 Bus Preamp modeled after the Amek M2500 Stereo Bus Channel. Here you get the smooth stereo sound of any Amek M2500 Console.
Amethyst 3 EQ
Amethyst 3 EQ

The EQ section or plugin includes:

  • EQ A is modeled after a custom Amek Clone.
    EQ A is a 4 Band EQ. Features High, High Mid, High and Low Bands with a +12db boost to -12db reduction for each band.
    The Q can be narrow to wide. And the optional high to low band bell or shelf Q.
  • EQ B is modeled after a 9098 Console EQ, design by Rupert Neve for Amek and sampled from an Amek 9098r
    EQ B is a 4 Band EQ. Features High, High Mid, Low Mid and Low Bands with a +9db boost to -9db reduction for each band.
    Q control from narrow to full for High Mid and Low Mid bands. High and Low bands have a bell or shelf Q.
    High and Low also include a shiny and glow option which is a similar no official slope to the ISA 110 again designed by Rupert Neve.
Amethyst 3 compressor
Amethyst 3 compressor

The Compressor section or plugin was modeled after the Amek 9098 compressor which was designed by Rupert Neve. The compressor in this plugin was sampled from a 9098r.

Overall you get a great package, to enhance your tracks. With Amethyst 3 you can make surgical and broad and more colorful changes. Let’s assume you have a great sounding recording which was already mixed to a good point. When you add the colorful Amethyst 3 to it, you get that analog vibe to the records everyone loves.

User interface & Usability

The UI is designed for those classical analog devices that have been modeled. When you after the vibe you are getting from those Amek units the design is good for the user experience. As with all other Acustica Audio solutions we looked at, the manual is helpful and just looks great.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Amethyst 3 is an outstanding and stellar aggregated plugin including Preamp, Filter, EQ, and Compressor. All to help you to get a pleasant sounding tone with a clean high and bottom end while sounding alive, smooth, and tighter. The main driver of Acustica Audio is to bring the real analog vibe to your sound, and Amethyst 3 is an excellent example of how this can be done.

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