Analog Brass And Winds by Output Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Tuesday, 16 April 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Analog Brass And Winds by Output Review

In our review of Output’s Analog Brass And Winds, we are taking a look at a library that was designed to produce unique and original sounds. The sounds and playable instruments are all based on favorite brass & winds instrument sounds mixed with synths and effects. It is a hybrid library based on analog and electronic sounds. The name is a bit misleading. Output’s library is all about unique sonic hybrids. Also if you look for braams, light winds or textures this library is a right choice.

Analog Brass And Winds MAIN


After purchase, you download and install it through the output tool called Output Hub. The output hub tool from output will also be used when and if Output would release extensions that you can purchase later. It does require Kontakt or Free Kontakt player version 5.7.1 (R35) or higher and is NKS-ready.

Output Hub


Analog Brass And Winds is a library which blends instruments into a hybrid scoring tool. This virtual instrument is way more than just brass and woods.

If you now think that this is just another library in the long line of hybrid tools you are would not know Output. Output is known for creating new sounds tools, wrapping it into a great UI and offer an overall useful package. This library follows this Output tradition of providing unique sounds and tone.

Each sound or instrument consists of two layers, where each layer also offers one shot, pad and so-called tape sounds and instruments. You can select from different sounds and instruments from orchestral, synths and creative groups. The library musical quality is excellent. Analog Strings sounds powerful and is a library also for synths lover.

Brass And Winds Layer A
Brass And Winds Layer

You can then mix those two layers and adapt with onboard tools to created sounds. Output made it simple to blend brass with some synth sounds. With the often intuitive interface, Analog Brass & Winds includes all the standard tools and effects plus arpeggiators, sequencing, and four macro sliders on the main page. Different to other libraries is that Output delivers on those demanded tools.

The resulting sounds are similar to what you get with other hybrid libraries. Only here you can create as many as you want without the need to buy additional hybrid libraries. Brass And Winds is excellent for cinematic, EDM, modern classic, trailer, ads score and more.

User interface & Usability

Output has created a for a short time overwhelming UI which after you spend some time with it it is easy to use and is in line with the other products from Output.

Analog Brass And Winds UIs

With the four macro slides on the main page, you can alter the sound dramatically. Output has been known for their innovative engines underneath their libraries and shows as the frontend always a recognizable and still usable interface.

Analog Brass And Winds UI 1

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Analog Brass And Winds is a pretty helpful hybrid library with original sounds based on synths, brass, and woods. I have used Brass And Winds as a sound design element. With the included 500 presets you can get started in many different genres and produce music, score to picture.  You can use the presets or can get creative as you want with the available effects. Analog Brass and Winds is bending and wrapping conventional orchestral instruments with synths into new sounding character.

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