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EON by Cinetools Review




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EON by Cinetools Review

Looking for a massive collection of action, fantasy, horror, and war sound? Or do you search for fitting atmospheres and underscores across those genres. EON by Cinetools has elements from field recordings, designed elements, and soundscapes.

EON by CineTools Hero Image

EON is different from what you would expect from a company that is in the business of creating exceptional sounding effects libraries like Witchcraft. EON is 21GB of sound files touching dark and unnatural ambiances, anxious dreamscapes, emerging and epic warfare drones, natural soundscapes, robotic drones, paranormal atmospheres, science-fictional environments, organized textures and a wide variety of stingers. Cinetools did send a review copy with no strings attached.


After purchase, you receive the needed information to download the product. Unpack it, and you are ready to browse through all the included content, best done with a third tool made for such a task.


You get in this library two different products in my view bundled into EON. In the first half of the library, you get ready to use sounds and tracks sorted by  Action & Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Adventure, Horror & Thriller and War & Mystery on the top level and then by the needed emotion for the genre you need. Of course, those are only suggested catalog; you want to go outside the box and use a Dark patch in the War folder for you next horror score.

At a top level, you find in the second part of this library Designer Tools. Here you have all needed single elements conveniently meta-tagged (great when you use a tool that supports this like SoundMiner or AudioFinder) and sorted on your hard disk.


It is hard to describe the complete content of EON, as there is so much useful content is included.


Do you look for rain sounds, jet sounds, drones, subs, vocals, and instruments phrases?  EON includes over 500 (equals 10GB) sounds sorted by Ambience & Field Recordings, Drone & Tonal Layers, Stingers, Textures & Subs, and additional Vocal and Instrument phrases. In my view, the included sounds could have also been split up across many products, and I would have said what a vast collection.

Cinetools EON Featured

Overall you get in 23GB more than 1000 Files (24 Bit / 96kHz). Cinetools counted all as you can see below:

  • 462 Designed Soundscapes
  • 126 Action & Sci-Fi
  • 025 Dramatic & Adventurous
  • 027 Mind Twisting
  • 028 Otherworldly
  • 024 Robotic & Futuristic
  • 022 Suspenseful & Tense
  • 116 Fantasy & Adventure
  • 032 Dreamy
  • 023 Magical
  • 018 Somber
  • 025 Spiritual
  • 018 Strange & Supernatural
  • 133 Horror & Thriller
  • 025 Bizarre & Creepy
  • 026 Cacophonies & Nightmarish
  • 026 Dark & Scary
  • 030 Disturbing & Anxious
  • 026 Psychologic & Tension
  • 087 War & Mystery
  • 019 Dark & Gloomy
  • 018 Epic & Majestic
  • 026 Mournful
  • 024 Mysterious
  • 538 Designer Tools
  • 144 Ambience & Field Recording
  • 140 Drone & Tonal Layer
  • 099 Stinger
  • 108 Texture & Sub
  • 047 Vocal & Instrument Phrase

User interface & Usability

You receive WAV files that you need to use in an application. You could use your OS tools or third party tool to browse all files included. I usually use SoundMiner, AudioFinder and some other means for WAV files on my hard disks.

CINETOOLS EON in SoundMiner. SoundMiner is not included in EON

Rating:  Five out of five stars

EON by Cinetools is an extensive collection of sounds and elements for your next job working on movie, trailer, game, or advertising score. The included sound elements are made available in 24bit / 96kHz at a high-quality level you need in today’s productions. When you use any of the purchased content of EON you do not have to fund any additional licensing fees as EON when bought is 100% original & royalty-free.
All of the Cinetools libraries are available through Loopmasters; you can buy Cinetool’s EON directly here (Affiliate Link)

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