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Hybrid Tools 4 by 8Dio Review




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Hybrid Tools 4 by 8Dio Review

Several years ago 8Dio launched the legacy version of Hybrid Tool (1). Since then a significant market with modern hybrid sounds has been developing. 8Dio has led, pushed and served this market with several libraries, other developers have entered this market with their own solutions. Now a new Hybrid Tools library was released by 8Dio.

HT1 4

Hybrid Tools 4 is the fourth installment of the contemporary, heterogeneous, sophisticated and modern sounding sample library for Kontakt produced by 8Dio.

Hybrid Tools 4

 8Dio invited StrongMocha to review the beta version of this library with no strings attached.


After purchase 8Dio will send you the codes that you can use to download the library through the 8Dio download tool. Do a batch resave after the download and installation are finished in Kontakt (Full version required), and you are ready to use the library. The Full Retail version of Kontakt is expected, and this library is not compatible with free Kontakt Player, for final technical requirements see the latest details with 8Dio.


8Dio’s Hybrid Tools series is all about compelling sound design, ruthlessly destroying collections and principal artistic composition components.

Hybrid Tool 4 comes according to 8Dio “with a strong sonic identity and amazingly flexible when used together” or in short “Bad-Ass”. To be honest I was skeptical if anyone can launch in this conquested market new sounds that are so remote from other sounds that they become special or how 8Dio calls them “Bad-Ass.

Hybrid Tools 4 features various primary sounds: Bender, Boomer, Downers, Swooshes, Pass By, Separation sounds, Starfall, and unique sounds with an unusual name: Wind Downs, Lightning, Badass, Runner Bends, and Fireflies.

Hybrid Tools 4 Wind Downs Lightning Badass Runner Bends and Fireflies

The included sounds are new and a fresh approach to the hybrid library market. You can combine the sounds to create more complex textures, motion, and tension. The sound quality and effects are of excellent quality as you would expect from 8Dio.

Use the included effects and sequencer to come up with new sounds. Don’t be shy to process the sounds through an external plugin or if available inside a hardware sampler. It all helps to generate sounds which are unique to you with this new library.

Overall you are are getting new hybrid sounds that are very usable for your next project.

User interface & Usability

Hybrid Tools 4 is a hybrid library with a remarkably fresh and natural interface. It follows the current design of 8Dio for similar libraries. If you did use those, you would feel right at home.  After some time spend and working with this Kontakt library, you can add the needed bang to your compositions.

Hybrid Tools 4

8Dio has created the UI with productivity and agility in mind. Everything is aimed to enabled the composer to be creative and make minor adjustments. If you understand the idea behind the UI, you do hit the ground running.

Hybrid Tools 4 Sequencer

Rating:  Five out of five stars

8dio is pushing the envelope with this bad-ass library. With Hybrid Tools 4 you get convincing sounds that are unique and can be stacked with other sounds from this library. It is a match for your next task, be it sound design, working on a trailer or needing some underscore. Hybrid Tools 4 is a solid extension of your available sounds. Hybrid Tools 4 sounds will be used heavily in the next months in new productions.

8Dio is in a unique position. In the past, they influenced on a large scale the hybrid library market. Since several years 8Dio has been recognized as one of the leading company in this space, and they delivered another library that meets the high expectation. Music producer and composer will excellent hybrid sounds for their next assignments.

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