Grind by Audio Damage Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 11 April 2019
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Grind by Audio Damage Review

Grind is part of a group of excellent tools from Audio Damage to ruin in a smart and mellow way your audio tracks with some algorithmic distortion and effective filter. Now you may think why should I destroy smartly my audio, well give it a try it will sound great.

Audio Damage plugins are excellent and extremely competitively priced which makes it very easy to add their effect tools to your workflow. The available tools definitely do fly under the radar of many amateur sound designer are well known and leveraged by a professional sound designer.


After obtaining the plugin you can download the effect and use the included installer to add it to your toolbox.


As other tools from Audio Damage Grind is all about mangling audio, it is the crusher king.

Audio Damage Grind 1
Audio Damage Grind

To describe Grind I could reference the manual and talk in technical terms about the used wavetable combined with algorithmic saturation/distortion and some other technical processing. If you are not really interested in those technical descriptions let me share with you that you get results that are from this plug-in which have that warm vibe or Gring just destroyed the track in a most useable musical way.

Grind comes with a limited number of presets, as normal with Audio Damage products. The company encourages you to try a new way to destroy your sound instead of browsing through presets that sounds fitting to your track.

Audio Damage Grind Presets
Audio Damage Grind Presets

User interface & Usability

GRIND includes a clean and straightforward UI. Audio Damage offers a comprehensive manual you can download here.

Audio Damage Grind

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Grind is a lovely, pleasing and nasty processor for destroying audio, be it a track (single instrument) or the mix bus. It is your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Grind is fantastic either for subtle tube-style saturation or alternative to mangled your sounds in a nasty way. Great for single tracks or sound design.

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