Augmented Piano by UVI Review

Augmented Piano by UVI is a prepared piano that differs from your normal piano. The beauty of this piano is driven by the total opposite of traditional piano tone. Those sounds which can be still related to a piano is most cases spicy up your score and help to drive home the emotion.

This is not your bread‑and‑butter piano instrument, Augmented Piano is that instrument that you pull out to make an impression or have it sit in the background to support your song or score.

To my astonishment the normal version of the piano that is also included sounded stellar great, I did not expect that the source piano would produce such a touching and lovely sound.

I can really only suggest going through all different patches, sometime the sound you can generate will amaze you some will just blast you away.

User interface & Usability

UVI uses the UVI Workstation and Falcon software as a player, the interface is clean and easy to use, as with other reviews of other libraries of this developer UVI has found a good way to design interfaces.

Augmented Piano – Normal but beautiful

Rating:  Five out of five stars

I admire prepared pianos, Augmented Piano is a very nice addition to an uplifting sonic hybrid space where you need expressive instruments. You can use Augmented Piano to transport a specific emotion in a truly musical‑sounding way.

UVI second version of a prepared piano resulted in a dramatic piano version that fit very well when you score to picture or just need that extra new timbre in your composition. The normal version of this piano are also included and they sound astonishing as well.

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Augmented Piano by UVI Review
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