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Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz Review




Faraday Limiter

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Goodhertz offers many plugins that are special because of the vibe and color they add. Faraday Limiter is a limiter, but it comes with that new colorful dynamics with warm, tape-like saturation for your production. Learn more about this limiter in our Faraday Limiter Review on how you can use this new tool in your mix and mastering task.

The Faraday Limiter is an essential tool for any audio engineer. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used on a wide range of sources, from buses to individual instruments to vocals and dialog.

Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz Review

The Faraday Limiter provides a unique level of timbral shaping and tonal coloration that can’t be achieved with any other dynamics processor. It’s also very easy to use, with a simple interface that makes it quick and easy to get great results. The Faraday Limiter is a must-have for any serious audio engineer.

Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz Review
Faraday Limiter Review

We did review already other Goodhertz products like their pretty wild Vulf compressor, and Wow Control. I completely enjoy how Goodhertz plugins give a prompt classic vibe to anything you run through their products.

Faraday Limiter Was Free

In the old days, Faraday Limiter was free for new customers until early 2015. This is hard to imagine as you get a limiter that is worth the full price that is asked for. Now there is a small fee attached to this limiter – and to cut t short it is worth the money spend. Goodhertz did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Faraday Limiter – Installation

Goodhertz offers an installer for all their products, depending on your licenses Faraday Limiter will run as a full or trial version.

Faraday Limiter- Sound

The most common type of digital limiter is a look-ahead brickwall peak limiter. Look-ahead limiters are so named because they “look ahead” in time to see when the incoming audio signal is about to exceed the threshold.

When this happens, the limiter takes action to prevent the signal from going over the threshold. This type of limiter is very effective at preventing sudden, unplanned peaks in the signal level, but it can introduce some undesirable artifacts, such as distortion and “pumping” (a change in the overall level of the signal).

Some newer types of digital limiters are designed to minimize these artifacts while still providing maximum transparency and minimal coloration. These new limiters are often referred to as “transparent” or “sonically neutral” limiters.

While digital peak limiters are certainly a valuable tool, it’s important to be aware of their potential drawbacks. One of the most common problems is that they can impart a harsh, brittle quality to the sound, especially when pushed hard.

This can make the highs sound unnatural and squashed, and the low end can sound thin or mangled. In some cases, the overall sound can be truly awful. Of course, not all digital peak limiters are created equal, and some do a better job than others of minimizing these problems. But it’s important to be aware of the potential issues before using one on your next project.

Not a “Transparent” Brickwall Limiter

Rather than creating another “transparent” brickwall limiter, we decided to create something new: a dynamic, colorful, and inspiring device that you could use for more than just loudness.

The sound of the Faraday Limiter is dominated by its analog-modeled input/output transformers, which are responsible for its beefy, harmonically rich tone. The limiter circuit is smooth yet lively, capable of pumping faster and farther than any other limiter we’ve ever encountered while still retaining punch and warmth.

Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz CUBase
Faraday Limiter Review – Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz

When you use Faraday Limiter on the master bus, you must add a brick wall limiter behind it. The included feature Harder limiting is not turning Faraday into a brickwall limiter, keep in mind to add a transparent brickwall limiter after Faraday when mastering.

Let’s address shortly that this is a colorful limiter and not a limiter that you need to be able to master and publish to streaming services, print music on medium or deliver a final product when you score to picture.

If you are not hiring a mastering engineer you need tools like FabFilter Pro-L 2 or Nugen ISL 2 to deliver a final product to your customers. Those limiters offer extensive loudness metering with support for the required standards when delivering a final product. Faraday Limiter infuses a wonderfully lush, creamy sound to your mix and needs another limiter to release the track to the world.

Faraday Limiter – User interface & Usability

Goodhertz has stepped away from fake analogism design where everything looks like a device that existed in the past year in what we call the vintage days.

With great company-wide design choices, Goodhertz finds a refreshing way to present a plugin through a logical approach in their interfaces that makes it make to operate their plugin.

Faraday Limiter
Faraday Limiter Review

This limiter plugin falls in line with the plugins that offer an interface that makes it easy to use and for the end-user, this approach helps to achieve your results fast. One reason why the company chooses to select this interface is to reduce the CPU footprint occupied by Meters/graphs.

As Goodhertz firmly believes that if it sounds right, it is good and there is no need to add visual CPU draining effects. I think that my CPU could handle the visuals, but I prefer the merely non-gear-related UI that Goodhertz, Kush, FabFilter, and others are using.

Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz Review 2
Faraday Limiter Review

Goodhertz also enables top-notch technology. Sharing presets through a web page is supported, see an example here.


The Faraday Limiter by Goodhertz is a great tool for adding color and warmth to your sound. It is perfect for those who want to add a new dimension to their sound without sacrificing quality.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Faraday Limiter is a Limiter plus color effect plugin. Faraday Limiter is designed to color the sound and add a warm and tape-saturations vibe to a track or the overall mix while being also a limiter.

I enjoy the tone it retains and the smoothness of the sound this fine tool can produce. Faraday is another workhorse tool by Goodhertz that sounds astounding.

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