STORM CHOIR 2 Complete by Strezov Sampling

We are taking a look at an older choir library from Strezov Sampling. STORM CHOIR 2: Complete has been out for a while and to cut it short should be considered as one of the earlier products from Strezov Sampling. It was an update of Storm Choir 1.


You need to download a large number of files and then find after unpacking different folders where the STORM CHOIR 2 spreads over. STORM CHOIR 2 expects the full version of Kontakt, the free player version of Kontakt will not work.  The products require 115 GB HD space and is a 100GB download.

min. of 4GB RAM

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Storm Choir 2 is a 12-piece chamber choir with a Slavonic vibe. For the library, six men and six women have been recorded individually.

The content is excellent and you a get different and breathing choir – it is best for epic trailer sounds. Storm Choir 2 has the authentic and East European music, there have been other libraries released by Strezov Sampling with that vibe if you look for it and need a modern more functional UI. Leading choir libraries from the same developer are Wotan, Freyja, Arva, & Rhodope 2. There is a strong rumor that STORM CHOIR 3 is getting ready for release in 2018.

The content can be mixed through Seven mic positions (Close, Section, Decca, Outrigger, Balcony, Rear Overheads, and Mixed) and you get plenty of articulation (see below).

  • Men Sustains (Marcatos) PP, MF, FFF
  • Women Sustains (Marcatos) PP, MF, FFF
  • Men Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
  • Women Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
  • Men Ah Legato MF-FFF
  • Women Ah Legato MF-FFF
  • Men Atonal Sustains PP, MF, FFF
  • Women Atonal Sustains  PP, MF, FFF
  • Men Atonal Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
  • Women Atonal Staccatos PP, MF, FFF
  • 24 Men Whispers
  • 24 Women Whispers
  • Men Oh Legato MF-FFF
  • Women Oh Legato MF-FFF
  • Solo Soprano Ah Legato
  • 24 Solo Soprano Staccatos
  • 24 Solo Soprano Sustains
  • 24 Solo Tenor Staccatos
  • 24 Solo Tenor Sustains

User interface & Usability

The UI is old and not up to the level that you do see with Strezov Sampling other leading choir libraries.

The content of the library is excellent. The engine is outdated and not only feels old it does not hold up to other products from Strezov Sampling. As we did see with the modern choir libraries from Strezov Sampling they do shine because of the engine and content.

Rating:  Three out of five stars

STORM CHOIR 2: Complete has passed its time, with the new update around the corner a good reason to buy STORM CHOIR 2 could be to get the next release at a discounted price.

Strezov Sampling has made significant steps forward and with their recent choir release show how advanced they as a developer and producing company have become. Wait for Strezov Sampling’s STORM CHOIR 3 is my advice. With Storm Choir 3 we should see the Syllabuilder from Wotan/Freyja and a further playable legato.

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STORM CHOIR 2 Complete by Strezov Sampling Review
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