Triple Spiral Audio Season Pass 2018 – 2019 available until end of June 2018

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Saturday, 2 June 2018
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Triple Spiral Audio Season Pass 2018 – 2019

Triple Spiral Audio has released the option to purchase their upcoming libraries for Omnisphere 2, Kontakt, Falcon/UVI workstation, Repro 1 and 5, Diva, VPS Avenger, Iris 2 and Serum. The new Season Pass is on pre-order until June 2018 is an investment into the future, from my experience I did purchase several subscription libraries and with the ones from Triple Spiral Audio I have been very happy about finding excellent quality in what has been released so far. See Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 by Triple Spiral Audio Review and Journeys – Omnisphere 2 Soundset by Triple Spiral Audio Review.

Triple Spiral Audio guarantees these sound sets and libraries in the purchase of their Season Pass. The releases of new packs for the Empty Fields F.2 and F.3 series are not included and only available if you purchased one of these sound sets before.


Omnisphere 2 Sound Sets

Cloud Atlas

Inspired by the famous book by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas for Omnisphere 2 takes you on a journey filled with mysterious leads, haunting basses, lush and evolving analog pads, neo-futuristic and dystopian soundscapes and raw and tribal arpeggiated sounds. This soundset is the first to be released (June 2018) and I plan also an update when the new Omnisphere 2.5 is released.


Traveller is the sequel to the Journeys soundset and continues the exploration of rich and unknown worlds with a more focus on movement. The soundset will be created for the new Omnisphere 2.5 update and using material from the Core library


An ambient, rich soundset inspired by the beautiful area in Norway with actual recordings from the place. This soundset uses a hybrid setup and will be developed for the new Omnisphere 2.5

Kontakt Libraries

Forrest and Field Guitar 1.0

A library for Kontakt is currently being recorded and programmed with a beautiful sounding Tanglewood steel stringed guitar. The recordings take place in different forrests and fields and those are used to create a library that is both natural sounding and used to create beautiful lush and ambient sounds. The release is planned for the beginning of 2019

Falcon/UVI workstation


Flow is a library with different ethnic woodwinds being recorded in combination with recordings from various analog synths to create a stunnishing new world of sound. At the moment the library is planned to be created for use in Falcon and the UVI workstation. Release – Q2 of 2019

Repro 1 and 5


This soundset is a tribute to one of my biggest musical inspirators, David Bowie. A soundset with a focus on experimental analog sounds.


The Ancient

The painting the Ancient of Days by William Blake inspired me many times for my music. Now I use it as inspiration to create a soundset which explores a rich sonic pallet with both divine and dystopian sounding analog sounds.

VPS Avenger

The Stand

Maybe strange to let a soundset be inspired by a book of Stephen King, but this is a world of its own, leading us back to a dystopian world with with a great good/evil theme setting in the 80’s. For this soundset I am recording various synths from that era to use as a source to re-create this world. Release scheduled for Q4 of 2018

Iris 2


An ambient soundset using the great synth Iris 2



This soundset will be aimed towards the more darker and cinematic type of music with new and fresh source material from various electrical guitars being recorded for this set

The estimated value of all of these sound sets and libraries will be roughly €475,00 (can be a bit higher, not lower) and with this Seasonal Pass, you will have a great discount of around 40/50%. The Seasonal Pass is only available for purchase until the end of June 2018. The new releases will be sent automatically to you and you need to have a registered account where the products will be added to.

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