Granulate 2 by Fracture Sounds Review

Granulate 2 was added to my library back in 2016 and is a PAD, Underscore,  and sound design tool for Kontakt 5.

Granulate 2 by Fracture Sounds Evil Presence


Granulate 2  requires the full version of Kontakt 5.1 or above. It will NOT work in the free Kontakt Player. Some preset feature public domain samples from Philharmonia Orchestra and – you may have to confirm that you can use the results commercially.


Granulate 2 is an efficacious manipulation engine for modifying included ones or your own (see below) into pads, drones, textures, and rhythmic goodness.

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Granulate 2 extends notably surpassing conventional synthesizer. The engine transforms your and included samples not only in pads and drones. It also shines when generating rhythmic loops.


Over 80 presets are included in Granulate 2. They are categorized by Tonal, Chordal, Atonal, and Rhythmic sounds.

Granulate 2 by Fracture Sounds Review Directory Overview

When released Granulate 2 used the main tool to drive the sound in the form of a Pad. The Pad is called Granulate Quad and is presented as an extended engine. Through the Pad you mix 4 different sounds and morph between the samples. Morphing pads are very common these days and are a great visual way to blend different sound sources and the possibility to generate movement.

Granulate 2 by Fracture Sounds Review Morph Pad


User interface & Usability

It is almost effortless to produce usable pad. The Kontakt library is due to the Interface design very supportive to build promptly magnificent sounding pads.

Granulate 2 by Fracture Sounds Major Bliss

When you want to include your own samples and use them in Kontakt you do have to go deeper than you mid be used to when performing a Kontakt instrument. The developer provides some guidance on who you can include your own sounds. For more details go to their main website and take a look at the Manual that ships (in electronic form) with the product. The manual is basic and written for the more advanced Kontakt user. Some parts of the manual might be over the top if you just start with the sample player and available libraries.

When I back in 2016 struggled with the importing my own files someone said in a forum to me “Spend the time to learn how to import the wav’s. Its well worth it. Yes, you do have to open the Kontakt interface and drag it onto the mapping page. But once you get used to that, its a piece of cake” What can I say he was right, you learn the basics and you are set for the future.

Granulate 2 – Make your own instrument

Before you use external effect plugins you can leverage the included effects: Amp, Flanger, Delay, Rotator, Transient Shaper, and Convolution Reverb.


Rating:  Four out of five stars

Granulate 2 is an excellent tool, easy to use Kontakt library to create pads, for any composer it is a refreshing extension to your toolbox. to any composer’s arsenal.

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