Silka (Choir) by 8Dio Review

Silka  is released after 8Dio published Insolidus Choir some months earlier. Silka promises to hold an astounding lead position in the as a stand-alone choir library.

Silka’s companion library named Insolidus has surprised the market with a creamy and soft and very emotional choir library. Some view Silka as an extension to Insolidus which is a fair opinion if you do already have Insolidus in your available tools. Usually, choir libraries are best placed in a mix and do not work as solo instruments, let’s see if Silka is different. 8Dio did send a review copy with no strings attached.

Silka (Choir) by 8Dio Review Sustains


After purchase, you download Silka with the help of the 8Dio download tool (PC or MAC). 8Dio download tool also unpacks the library. As a result, you have installed over 63.500 samples equaling 103GB of choral material compressed down to 49ish GB. The full Retail version of Kontakt 5.7 or later required to run this library, the free Kontakt player will not work with Silka.

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Silka by 8Dio download


The heart of Silka by 8Dio is 40 males and 25 females recorded by Petr Polonanik. Producing a choir is an extortionary and labor intense project, more time is probably only needed when you create a children’s choir library.

Silka has been recorded similar to Insolidus Choir using the same room and performer. Insolidus was released earlier also by 8Dio. To use the same place helps to blend Silka and Insolidus, other libraries can also be blended without issues especially when combined with other instruments. Silka is a new-generation, deep-sampled choral library dedicated to realistic, expressive and easy choral writing.

Silka is an excellent expansion to Insolidus by 8Dio or can also work in combination with Dominus Choir by FluffyAudio. Solo or in a combo you have access to the top choirs that sound extraordinarily realistic and packed with emotional vibes.

Silka (Choir) by 8Dio Review within Cubase

The included Silka recording and playability will make this library usable for the next years to come. The choir library is exceptionally playable –  the vibe, tone and recorded phrases have excellent new beautiful sound.

The recorded samples and scripting behind the Kontakt engine allow you to perform the choir soft and gentle with emotion or also as well a bit faster. Silka performs exceptionally well in quiet and intimate passages. If you into this style the vibe from this choir will suit your writing.

Silka contains a phrase-building sequencer allowing you to create of up to 64 consecutive words. It is not from a UI point of view on the level of Fluffy or Strezov Sampling, and you get the job done.

User interface & Usability

The UI is based on an old fashion 8DIO interface. If you are used to the UI, you find yourself home within seconds. If it is the first time, you use an 8Dio library with this design you may need some time, the effort to learn the Interface is manageable.

Silka (Choir) by 8Dio Review Soft Arcs Articulations

Other libraries include a more modern UI. We are not sure if the old UI is used because of time to market of if 8Dio has good practices with this UI and choir libraries. The UI is compared to other choir libraries from other producers a bit behind what is possible these days in Kontakt.

Silka (Choir) by 8Dio Review Mix and Mics

Silka Features:

  • 4 Hall Microphones (Mixed, Decca, Wide, Far)
  • 4 Spot Microphones (Spot 1, Spot 2, Spot 3, Spot 4)
  • 40 Polyphonic Legato Syllable Arcs
  • 5 True Legato (MW Multiple Dynamics)
  • 12 Staccato Legato & 13 Fast Repeated Staccato
  • 15 Triplets/Triplet Loops
  • 19 Sustains & Sustain Legato
  • 4 Trills (Multiple-Tempos) and Shorts

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Silka sounds excellent and beautiful and touches your heart. Silka is a lovely companion to Insolidus Choir by 8Dio. With this choir library and its soft, natural lush and emotional vibe 8Dio delivered a masterpiece.

What makes this choir library so unique is the solo character and its usability as a single library without the need to hide a choir behind other instruments.  This library has that emotional impact and vibe and comes with a high level of realism. Different from the available choir libraries Silka works excellent solo and as well in concert with other instruments.

Silka (Choir) by 8Dio Review Soft Voices Presets

Silka has joined my personal (as of July 2018) Top 3 of choir libraries that are a magnificent, inspirational, and emotive virtual choir Kontakt instruments with fantastic singing right out of the box or Kontakt. If you wonder about my personal emotional and intimidate choirs libraries, they are Silka, Insolidus, and Dominus. I am pretty sure that you will be glad to add Silka to your arsenal and as an investment. It should pay off in your new commercial project.

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Silka by 8Dio Review
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