Max McGee Three Cowbells – Free or Donate to support

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 27 July 2018
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Cowbell Instrument by Max McGee

Max McGee Three Cowbells is a Kontakt (full version, minimum Kontakt 5.8 required) sound library. You can get it for a small donation or free here. When you request a release you will receive an email, mine state for example “You can use it in your projects (non-commercial use only), but feedback, ideas and any comments or questions are highly appreciated! Be part of the development and get features you are looking for.“For any use in a commercial project, you have to contact the producer (Maximilian Moll) first for permission.

Kontakt 5.8.0 | 300 MB | 3 cowbells | over 2600 samples

  • Stick, beater, mallet
  • Close and room mics
  • 8x round robins
  • Up to 5x velocity layers
  • Real dampening
  • Easy resonance and tune control
  • stereo image, reverb, delay, pan, “power knob” & octave change
  • NEEDS FULL RETAIL KONTAKT 5.8.0 or higher (demo mode in Kontakt Player)
  • First Global Composers Network signature instrument

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