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Spark 2 by Arturia Review




Spark 2 by Arturia Review Main

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Spark 2 by Arturia Review

Spark 2 by Arturia which we review today is a notable drum creation software drum computer. With Spark 2 you have access to analog synthesis, sampling, and physical modeling, the generator supports a mix of three engines.

Spark 2 is a software-based groove box that is called a drum computer in its hardware form. Arturia did send a review copy with no strings attached.

The hardware version of Spark 2 is a class-compliant MIDI controller that can be used with your DAW of choice. The software is available for Mac and PC in VST, AU, AAX, and standalone formats.

Spark 2 Installation

The installation process is simple and straightforward..

You need to the authorization code to get permission to use the software. The latest tools from Arturia do support an easy installation and authorization process.

Arturia has made a big jump forward by launching the tool software to make this whole setup experience seamless and quick for the musician. You can download the tool called Arturia Software Center here. You can get the Spark 2 demo version for free; the demo is limited to 20 minutes.

Spark 2 Sound

Spark 2 is a deep drum computer and machine with an analog sound. Arturia included an excellent vast vintage drum machine library.

You want to make music but don’t know where to start. With Spark 2, you have access to analog synthesis, sampling, and physical modeling-the three most important types of sounds for making great music.

You can use Spark 2 with your DAW of choice (Mac or PC) in VST, AU, AAX, and standalone formats. Plus, the hardware version is a class-compliant MIDI controller that can be used with any software or hardware that supports MIDI.

This drum workstation is featuring musical sequencing skills combined with a powerful synth engine. On top of that, you get a surprisingly substantial sound library that includes a variety of kits. Those kits span multiple genres.

Spark 2 is a software drum plug-in that offers the choice to be linked to a hardware controller designed to work with Spark; the hardware controller SparkLE comes at extra costs.

Spark 2 is a very modern and complete drum machine in software form. Compared to regular hardware drum machines, it comes with a wide variety of different sounds that are suitable for many different styles of music.

As it is a software tool and Arturia has an extensive library of drum sounds this software drum machine. If you think about the possibilities of percussive sound you receive considerably more sounds with Spark 2 compared to the number of sounds incorporated in hardware units.

Spark 2 by Arturia Review Presets
Spark 2 by Arturia Review

The drum machine comprises a remarkably robust engine. This sound engine supports multiple synthesis modes, some modeled after physical models. Overall Spark 2 delivers the best in acoustic drum sounds in a software synth with the support of a hardware controller if you need the extra interface to have fun.

Spark 2 User interface & Usability

Spark 2 has an analog character with all the convenience, flexibility, and possibilities that digital has to offer.

Arturia found a fine-looking, modern, and well-organized interface. You have access to sensitive pads and the needed dials, sliders, knobs, and X/Y pad. Just like a drum machine after it is modeled.

You can use the SparkLE as a hardware interface outside the box. The SparkLE hardware and the Spark software is excellent for live performances or when you want to perform some beats. Anyone who has ever had touch various drum computers will quickly make friends with the SparkLE Controller.

Spark 2 by Arturia Review Main
Spark 2 by Arturia Review Main

You can quickly load presets through the simple preset management system. Today’s standard features like dragging your sequences into your DAW as MIDI files are supported. Alternative you can pull your entire loop into your DAW project resulting in a WAV file.

Spark 2 by Arturia Review Sequencer
Spark 2 by Arturia Review Sequencer

Spark 2 utilizes an included pattern-based sequencer. The sequencer supports critical features to allow you to create a drum vibe quickly. These patterns are arranged by the performer in chains resulting into a song.

Spark 2 by Arturia Review Song
Spark 2 by Arturia Review Song

One essential element to apply effects is that it supports a modular interface page to allow to profoundly shape the drum sounds and support all kind of different vibes. It is called modular as you can drag audio signal lines between the various modules using virtual cables like when you use a modular rack.

Spark 2 by Arturia Review Modular FX
Spark 2 by Arturia Review Modular: FX

There are free and paid presets for Spark 2. The ecosystem of Spark 2 supports paid expansions. Having such a system encourages Arturia to add content in the long run.

Spark 2 by Arturia Review Library
Spark 2 by Arturia Review Library
Spark 2 Ecosystem
Spark 2 Ecosystem

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Spark 2 is a majestic beat-making drum machine monster. Spark 2 includes a family of electronic drums, ranging from real-sounding drums spanning to more processed percussions. The FX section (Modular) is excellent offering several tweak-ability and modulation to shape the sound.

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