FORZO by Heavyocity Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 21 February 2022
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FORZO by Heavyocity Review

FORZO fits into the cinematic score to picture grand space and is on par with other libraries from leading companies publishing virtual instrument libraries in the cinematic and epic range. For professionals in the film scoring industry cinematic and epic brass has been an origin of force and power in the modern way to score to picture.

Heavyocity’s FORZO is an essential and powerful addition to your sample library arsenal. FORZO falls into the epic and large-scale cinematic score, encompassing a supreme sonic range of classical elements such as orchestra and ethnic percussion. This makes it such a unique library in its otherworldly compositions that I believe filmmakers will find it invaluable in their scores.

FORZO by Heavyocity II Brass Loop Designer
FORZO by Heavyocity II Brass Loop Designer

Heavyocity did send a review copy before the library was released to the market with no strings attached. I could play with the library for some weeks now.

You may ask yourself “Who is Heavyocity?” Heavyocity Media develops award-winning Virtual Instruments for the modern composer and sound designer. The instruments don’t contain the typical sounds that form the foundation of most composers’ setups. Heavyocity philosophy is simple: Provide cutting edge, inspiring instruments and sounds that supercharge creativity, formatting them in ways that enhance productivity. One of the main goals of Heavyocity is to provide those perfect “go-to” signature elements quickly and effectively.


FORZO requires Kontakt 5 (Player) ver 5.8 or later both on Windows and MAC. After ordering you can install the library through the continua download tool and when ready register the product through Native Access.


The top companies in the epic library space when it comes to cinematic instruments are Cinesamples, Heavyocity, SoundIron, the Metropolis product line from Orchestral Tools, and Musical Sampling. I did not mention Spitfire as they are better suited in the softer space used for underscore and set a different mood or composing orchestral tracks, the brass instruments are not used usually for their Epic Cinematic tone.

FORZO is a library of symphonic, epic and large-scale cinematic brass sounds intended for use in film scoring, trailers and game audio production. It can be used with all popular hardware and software samplers. FORZO is the result of over nine months of intense sampling sessions with 40 highly sought-after classical and film brass players, recorded in acoustically treated New York studios.

FORZO offers a unique symphonic approach to writing epic music for pictures while maintaining access to the wide range of articulations necessary for traditional scoring work.

FORZO features extraordinary symphonic and large-scale cinematic sounds which are the complete antithesis of the more familiar orchestral sound fonts. Those who have used some virtual instrument libraries will have first-hand experience on how ill-equipped those samples are for epic scoring work. Heavyocity has in a sense “re-thought” the concept of what a modern virtual instrument in this range should be and in doing so has created sounds that are truly unique.

FORZO by Heavyocity has two categories: Traditional and Evolved. The Brass designer is impressive (as in the string library NOVO). With NOVO the best use was more with the designer and less with the single instrument – this has changed with FORZO. This time the single instruments included in FORZO are exceptional for epic scores when you score to picture for film or trailer and games very usable as single instruments.

The traditional and available instruments brass section in FORZO includes:

  • Horns (12)
  • Horns Stopped (12)
  • Trumpets (4)
  • Tenor Trombones (4)
  • Bass – Contra Trombones (4)
  • Tubas (2)
  • Full Ensemble
FORZO by Heavyocity II Trumpets 4
FORZO by Heavyocity Review

FORZO is a very flexible library you can produce soft dynamic tone, gigantic brass sounds, rhythmic moving impacting texture or mood defining underscore. I have been using the library for a while now, one thing is very evident: Heavyocity did their homework and made an amazing collection of sounds.

Underline is a type of musical composition characterized by a mainly lyrical melody, which is supported by chord progressions. The purpose of the underscore is to set the mood for a scene in a movie or video game.

Underline can be used in a number of ways to set the mood for a scene. It can be used to create a sense of tension or suspense, to convey sadness or loss, or to create a feeling of joy or happiness. It can be used to create an overall feeling for the scene or to emphasize certain aspects of it.

Underline is usually written in a minor key, and it often uses dissonant chords and unusual harmonic progressions to create its distinctive sound. It can be used in combination with other instruments, or it can be used as part of an orchestral score.

Mood and emotions for your next project are comfortable to set with the Hybrid Brass Designer. You should play with the included presets to get started and learn the UI to come up with your own designed sounds.

The potential for sound design with FORZO is truly endless. With so many instruments and possibilities, users can create truly unique sounds that are perfect for epic scoring work. Whether you’re looking for brass sounds that are traditional or evolved, FORZO has something for everyone. With its intuitive interface and wide range of sounds, this library is a must-have for any composer looking to add some extra punch to their scores.

FORZO by Heavyocity I Brass Designer
FORZO by Heavyocity I Brass Designer

When using the Hybrid Brass Designer or Brass Loop Designer, you write envolving & moving textures, define different moods, setup synth like playable sounds. The produced outcome is ideal to be layered when you score to picture for so many genres. The Hybrid Brass Designer is essentially an swiss army knife and offers endless sound design possibilities for you to explore.

FORZO by Heavyocity I Brass Designer Presets
FORZO by Heavyocity I Brass Designer Presets

With the loop designer you 400 tempo-synced brass loops that you can be used in a track or be inspired when your muse is not around.

FORZO by Heavyocity II Brass Loop Designer
FORZO by Heavyocity II Brass Loop Designer

While the focus of Heavyocity was to produce big cinematic brass, there are various techniques and performances included in addition to the essential brass articulations.  What makes this single brass patches so unique and move FORZO part of the top market brass libraries similar to Cinesamples brass products is that the FORZO instruments fit into a track when you mix it. Overall the playable instruments are very usable in tracks and fit in well there.

FORZO by Heavyocity III Tenor Trombones 4
FORZO by Heavyocity III Tenor Trombones (4)

FORZO includes the required base articulations, extended articulations, FX/Atonal FX sounds, braams, swells, clusters. There are many excellent single instruments included. Heavyocity did also record Crescendo Bends articulation which has been performed by the Bass, Contra Trombones, and Tubas. Other patches as the Full Ensemble combine Bass Bones, Tenor Bones, and Tubas all performing collectively in unison).

The included single brass instruments are excellent and focus more on epic and cinematic tone and a natural sound, the developed instruments focus on sound design and sonic creativity.

To summarize our review of FORZO: It is one of the best libraries Heavyocity released and is currently received well by many composers that are working as professionals in this space. “FORZO is blowing away a lot of the brass libraries from other companies I use regularly,” said Daniel James a Video Game and Film Composer and co-founder of Hybrid Two and continues “Forzo is one of the best libraries Heavyocity put out since damage

User interface & Usability

All included instruments use the same interface layout and navigation, the UI designed by Heavyocity makes the different instruments quicky and effective to perform. The design was made by Alex Zhukov, Neil Goldberg, Dave Fraser, and Ari Winters. Made available in Kontakt by the genius Kontakt script developer Adam Hanley.

Setting moods or even go into full hybrid experimentation mode is all possible with the UI. When you play the single instruments, you have a UI that assist you to perform those easily and changed where needed the tone.

In all single instruments and the designer patches, you find in the heart Heavyocity’s golden knob. This control knob which simultaneously controls the parameters of the six tools that are similarly located on traditional brass instruments. It can be controlled manually or changed by a practical Macro sequencer. If you miss the Heavyocity Punish Knob it is available in the Master FX control.

The manual covers the UI in detail you should read it in an early stage when you start using the Interface that is intuitive to assure you can use the library to its full extent.


FORZO by Heavyocity is an excellent library that offers endless sound design possibilities. The 400 tempo-synced brass loops it includes can be used in a track or be inspired when your muse is not around.

The focus of Heavyocity was to produce big cinematic brass, but the playable instruments are very usable in tracks and fit in well there. The included single brass instruments are excellent and focus more on epic and cinematic tone and a natural sound, while the developed instruments focus on sound design and sonic creativity.

The UI is designed by Heavyocity and is intuitive and easy to use. In conclusion, FORZO is an excellent library that should be explored by all composers.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

FORZO is a leading brass library for any composer who wants to compose epic and cinematic scores. I do absolutely love the timbre of the bends from the lower instruments. FORZO did simply blow me away. With FORZO Heavyocity continues to push the competition and leave some already behind that want to play in this space.

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