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Spray Granular Texture Samples by ModeAudio Review




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Spray Granular Texture Samples by ModeAudio Review

Spray (Granular Texture Samples) is a collection of loops and sounds that you can use to support a track to bring emotion and tension to a trailer or when you score to picture. All to help you to infuse the music into the nerves of all the actors.

ModeAudio did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You receive an archive including 188 Files In Total equals 1.27GB (unzipped). The samples length span from 15 – 70s.


The included sounds in Spray has been fragmented into tiny pieces and merged again by custom-designed granular synthesis processes. You receive a package of royalty-free texture samples for your next beat, production or soundtrack.

ModeAudio Spray in Samplism
ModeAudio Spray in 3rd party tool Samplism

With this library, you get access to sound that if you would produce them yourself required an additional investment into gear/plugins and time. The handy loops included are great for underscore. I was personally most impressed with the Rhythm Grains that are available.

To musically end a track there are also decaying tails loops included carrying the sound to a soft, tangible decline.

Spray contains:

  • 23 Bass Grains & Drones
  • 20 Elemental Grains (Field Recordings, Water & Wind)
  • 23 Electric Guitar Grains
  • 19 Instrumental Grains (Keys, Piano & Drums)
  • 31 Noise & Texture Grains
  • 14 Rhythm Grains
  • 20 Synth Grains & Drones
  • 38 Tail Samples (Key-Labelled)

Spray floods in your track through moving texture and can get quite dark and helps you to build in intensity towards some unknown yet unknowable destination.  You use the loops to compose based on your requirements. Explore the depths of this limitless library to create patterns of electric guitar textures, emotional, wrapping keys, rich piano drones, field recordings, earth-shattering bass, whirring noise, rustling percussion and more.

User interface & Usability

There is no interface as you receive WAV files that you can use with any external tool you prefer.

Rating:  Four out of five stars

Spray (Granular Texture Samples) by ModeAudio combines the sound of ebbing and flowing tones into deep thunders of ruthless bass. With Spray, you can magnify your next project on an epic journey. Very usable for cinema score, textures, and eternal hypnotic ambiances and underscore.

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