Voice of Wind: Adey by Soundiron Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 8 April 2019
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Voice of Wind: Adey

Voice Of Wind: Adey is the first volume in Soundiron’s modular female solo vocal series Voices Of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations that are designed to be comfortable and convenient to use in any music or video production project. 

Soundiron is a virtual instrument and sound library developer founded in 2011 by sound artists and instrument designers Mike Peaslee, Gregg Stephens, and Chris Marshall. The company is based in the San Francisco Bay area, in California. Their mission is to record libraries in deep detail and carefully craft them into living breathing virtual instruments that inspire you to play and create the music and sound you hear in your heart. SoundIron did send a review copy with no strings attached.

ADEY BELL – The Performing Artist

Adey Bell

The multi-talented Adey Bell is an American vocalist, pianist, film composer, and actor. Born under the “Big Sky” of Montana, her music reflects this expanse. As a singer and songwriter, she blends classically influenced piano composition with raw emotional, reflective intimacy.

Adey’s independent career over the last decade began with her debut album, Rogue. Released in 2011, it was followed by Vesica, in August 2013. Her third release Silver Wheel released in 2018.

For the last ten years, her one-woman show has been adored at venues throughout the US. Adey is the star of and composer for the feature film “The Last Avatar” from Sacred Mysteries via Gaia TV. In addition to her stunningly soulful, angelic voice and unreal piano chops, Adey’s repertoire of soul-stirring, deliciously composed originals make her impossible to classify.

Adey’s music is a collection of masterworks, songbooks from the other side. It is music for uncovering the lost pieces of yourself,” said Alexander Niver

“I have a deep passion for the reclamation of Women’s Wisdom, Blood and the cycles of life. It is leading edge of consciousness on Earth and the only path to continuing our species on this planet. My own painful life experience taught me how to honor and listen to my body’s wisdom and the wisdom of our intelligent planet. My specialty as a musician and healer is in the realm of the psyche.  I observe and study the archetypes and stories behind our actions and manifestations. Some of my music expresses the woman’s journey through some of the most trying times of her life. It is a conversation about living in modern times as an ancient soul, remembering us all into being. It is a musical Remembering of who She is.”

Visit Adey’s website to catch her next concert, listen to her latest album Silver Wheel, featuring her ensemble Venus Exalted


After purchase, you download and launch a SoundIron tool to guide you through the download and locale installation of the library.

Adey Bell Installer

Overall it is a 2 GB library including over 3,000 samples.  You can use the samples in the full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.2 the free Kontakt player would not work. Alternative you can use the 24-bit/48kHz PCM, wav format audio samples and load them directly into in any DAW or other wav-compatible software.


Voice Of Wind: Adey concentrates on the airy and spiritually nuanced mezzo-soprano voice performed by Adey Bell. Adey has a vocal characteristic and sound that can be applied in many different styles of compositions and works for many themes.


Adey performed phrases are arranged by root tempo and key.  You can still leverage tempo-syncing, time-stretching and pitch transposition to shape the sound further as needed. There are also controls available to blend and sequence phrases, with their phrase-legato, step sequencer, speed-control, and live waveform editing.

The library includes 20 sound-designed custom FX and ambient presets. Voice Of Wind: Adey emphasizing sustain, staccato (8x round-robin) and true legato chromatic articulations for six core vowels: Ah, Eh, Ee, Mm, Oh and Oo.


Also Voice Of Wind: Adey includes more than a thousand live dynamic, melodic phrases organized by mood, key, and tempo. The live phrases are separated into 100BPM and 140BPM tempos for both light and mysterious categories, also, there is an unusual 120BPM Hummed category.

  • Ah, Eh, Ee, Mm, Oh and Oo natural true legato
  • Ah, Eh, Ee, Oh, Oo in both piano and forte dynamic layers and Mm & La with a single dynamic layer. Staccatos with 8 round-robin variations per note
  • 100bpm and 140bpm tempos for both Bright and Dark phrase categories
  • A special 120bpm Hummed phrase category
  • Over a thousand melodic phrases in multiple keys, with pitch transposition, instant pattern sequencing, legato blending, tempo-synching/time-stretching, shaping and more.
  • Easy to navigate melodic phrases, organised intuitively by style, native tempo and root key.
  • Fluid sequencer allows for per-step phrase start and end markers.
  • Bonus vocal Ambiences, Atmospheres and custom melodic pad instruments crafted directly from Adey’s voice.
  • Vocal performance breaths for added realism
  • Swell control allows real-time dynamic performance shaping.
  • Full Multi-FX rack panel with Chorus, Compression, Distortion, Amp and Cab simulation, EQ, Delay and Reverb
  • Soundirons Reverb rack unit includes 25 unique creative FX convolutions and 45 excellent live rooms, studios, chambers, cathedrals, halls and other real-world environments, with flexible tone, size and mix controls.
  • Fully automatable, with customisable key switch and GUI controls.
  • Convenient real-time visual wave-form display in every preset.

Soundiron recorded Adey Bell in a dry studio environment, using a high dynamic range, large-diaphragm Neumann studio microphone, and Sound Devices preamp.

User interface & Usability

The UI is easy to use can to some extent a common approach to present a comprehensive toolbox of articulations and melodic components with tempo-synching and key options.


The included phrase builder is easy to use and supports you to come up with stunning vocal emotional performances. The vocal sits well in a mix.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

Voice Of Wind: Adey is a missing gem in your collection of Soundiron and other producer solo vocalists. The included phrases are a treasure of performances that you can use in many genres and themes – from bright happy to dark and threatening.

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