Bunker Strings Vol.1 – cyber week pre-order discount

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 30 November 2018
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Bunker Samples pre-order discount

Bunker Strings Vol. 1 is the debut library from Bunker Samples coming soon. It’s a collection of unusual string techniques captured with our unique approach to sampling, first explored in the Scary Viola Pizz Freebie.

bunker samples Scary Viola Pizz
bunker samples Scary Viola Pizz

Comprised of bass, cello, viola, and violin sections as well as an ensemble patch, it takes full advantage of the possibility of sampling to “make the impossible possible”, creating an instrument that could only exist in the virtual world, yet has a very real organic root.

Watch the sneak video above, take the freebie for a spin and preorder for only 29 USD. The pre-order offer expires Friday, November 30th at midnight (CET), after which the preorder price goes up to 39 USD. 


  • Violin (9)
  • Viola (9)
  • Cello (9)
  • Bass (9)
  • Full ensemble patches
  • Sound design patches


  • Soft pizz trem
  • Loud pizz trem
  • Drum stick col legno trem
  • Ricochet trem (except for bass, coming in an update)
  • Drum stick col legno shorts (3 dynamic layers, 4 round robbins)

Samples mixed down from over 19 hours of recordings, finished size estimated at roughly between 10 and 15 GB.

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