The Unfinished Christmas Sale!

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 7 December 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Sprouts! Nativity plays! Visits from racist in-laws! People panic buying bread!

The Unfinished Christmas Sale 2018

And also The Unfinished Christmas Sale.

You can save up to 50% off  the famous and excelent The Unfinished synth sounds and sample libraries, between 7th & 28th December, using the discount code THEWOLVESARERUNNING.

The Unfinished also released Vintage Vault, which is a collection of Matt’s first eight sound sets, that had previously been retired. It’s over 1,000 sounds for Absynth and Massive, for just £29.99 +VAT.

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There are already third party Soundpacks for Phonec 2 by Psychic Modulation available,  I highly recommend THE UNFINISHED Phonec Phosphor Vol 1  and Phonec Phosphor Vol 2 to expand the already included Soundpacks expansion.

Below are the discount levels. Happy holidays and happy shopping!

50% Off:
Absynth ObsidianAbsynth NostromoAlgorhythms 02FM8 AkheronMassive Darkscore IVMassive Darkscore VMassive OmicronMassive PolarisMassive TranscienceOmnisphere CapricornOmnisphere Lost & FoundPhonec Phosphor Vol 1Phonec Phosphor Vol 2Trilian RaptorZebra ContinuumZebra Continuum: Dark Edition.

40% Off:
Absynth BundleComplete BundleDiva BundleDiva Ex MachinaDiva PraxisDiva Skyline Vol 1Diva Skyline Vol 2Drumstruck 4Drumstruck 4: WAV EditionDrumstruck BundleKontakt BundleMassive BundleOmnisphere BundleOmnisphere HorizonOmnisphere Horizon IIOmnisphere Horizon IIIOmnisphere Horizon IVOmnisphere Horizon V: DeluxePhonec BundleThe SnarlingUno LX BundleUno LX VulcanZebra BundleZebra BorealisZebra Borealis: Dark EditionZebra ElysiumZebra Elysium: Dark EditionZebra KronosZebra Kronos: Dark EditionZebra LuminaeZebra Luminae: Dark EditionZebra QuasarZebra Quasar: Dark EditionZebra ThetaZebra Theta: Dark EditionZebra SerenityZebra Serenity: Dark Edition.

30% Off:
Diva CassiniDiva Phenom Vol 1Diva Phenom Vol 2Omnisphere ColossusOmnisphere Colossus IIOmnisphere Colossus IIIOmnisphere Colossus III: DeluxeOmnisphere CyberiaOmnisphere FeroxOmnisphere PangaeaOmnisphere Pangaea: DeluxeUno LX ProtozoaZebra GravastarZebra Gravastar: Dark EditionZebra Nordsund BloodZebra Nordsund Blood: Dark EditionZebra Nordsund GoldZebra Nordsund Gold: Dark EditionZebra VellumZebra Vellum: Dark EditionZebra MinimaZebra Minima DeluxeZebra Minima: Dark EditionZebra Minima Deluxe: Dark Edition.

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