Pre-order: Dreamer by Triple Spiral Audio for Omnisphere 2.5 + Keyscape

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Sunday, 9 December 2018
  • Time to read: 1 min.

Dreamer by Triple Spiral Audio

The Dreamer soundset for Omnisphere 2.5 + Keyscape will see its release on 12 December. It is currently available as pre-order for €25 till its release. After the release it will have an introduction price of €30 and the full price will be €35 (all prices are with VAT included).

Dreamer is a new soundset for Omnisphere 2.5 and Keyscape and features 128 presets and 25 multis. The presets are crafted from sound sources from Omnisphere 2.5, Keyscape and custom sound sources. Please note that Keyscape is required and this soundset will not work fully without it!

The set is a scoring tool for Omnisphere 2.5 and Keyscape. The basic of the presets are simple and with the use of the 2 extra layers of Omnisphere 2.5 all kinds of elements are added to the presets to enhance the sounds. The soundset is aimed for composers and producers working in the film, game and library music industry and as well for worship musicians.

Dreamer is now available as pre-order for €25,00 until its release. Upon release there will be a one week introduction price of €30,00 and the full price of the soundset is €35,00 (VAT is included in the price). The release will be on 12 December

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