KHORDS – Inspiration in Harmony – by Loopmasters Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Thursday, 4 April 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

KHORDS by Loopmasters Review

KHORDS is a new synthesizer instrument that brings a sampled character with a vintage vibe to your productions. More than KHORDS is a sampled based player which uses individuals hand-picked samples to help you to produce your next song quicker.

KHORDS is the second synth released by Loopmasters this year (2018) if you want to learn more about the first release you can learn all here: Bass Master by Loopmasters Review. Loopmasters did send a review copy with no strings attached.


You can use the plugin in your DAW, on MAC AU (64 bit) and VST (64 bit) on Windows 10 VST (64 bit) is supported. There is no support (currently) for AAX format. You need to enter the license code of KHORDS (Affiliate Link) that you receive after purchase when starting KHORDS.

KHORDS Install
KHORDS Enter License code


KHORDS, is a dual layer one-shot sample player. The synth has its origins in those old days where chord sampling was a thing. With 550 creative inspiring chord presets you can produce with ease. KHORDS is your new harmonic inspiration tool to create new themes and melodies.

KHORDS Inspiration in Harmony by Loopmasters Review Presets
KHORDS – Inspiration in Harmony – by Loopmasters Review Presets

KHORDS is a monophonic synthesizer, with today’s support of effects, filter and advanced features like audio timescale-pitch modification.

Included is a tremendous sound library with stabs, plucks, strums, pads, atmospheres and tons more creative sources, letting you instantly inject new feeling into any genre of music.

KHORDS Features
  • Choose from 315 inspirational chord and note samples
  • 550 diverse presets to get you started
  • Determine your feel with Major, Minor and Root/Open categories
  • Timestretch & Shift formants to change a sample’s character
  • Randomise samples within the same category to keep major/minor feel
  • Chord samples re-pitch up and down the keyboard for a classic sampling feel
  • 12 types of filter with Pre-Drive, Resonance and Key Tracking
  • Filter ADSR Envelope and Filter LFO with Amount, Rate, Shape, Phase and Trigger
  • Six Chorus algorithms, three Delay types and six Reverb environments
  • Set four Mod Wheel destinations from a comprehensive list of choices
  • VST/AU plugin Instruments for PC and Mac

It is really your two layers single layer sampler, confused a bit. You will understand the great power behind this synth when you used it some minutes. You can come up with chords for different genres very easily and fast.

The samples used have been hand-picked from the large collection you can get at Loopmasters to allow you to create your own layers. Use the randomize function to experiment and find new sounds and vibes.

What you should do to really use the full potential what you just played through KHORDS is to convert the audio to midi using Melodyne or any other audio to midi tool you have and use the chords with other instruments, lower notes with bass is an option.

User interface & Usability

The UI of Khords is intuitive and follows the current style you find in other software synthesizers. This is a good approach as you do not have to learn a different way to work in a synthesizer. You can play a bass line with the newly generated midi data.

The available controls allowing real-time audio warping to control the pitch and timing of samples, 12 filter types, amplitude, and filter ADSR, LFO. All effects help to add character to your sound.

KHORDS Inspiration in Harmony by Loopmasters Review Main UI
KHORDS – Inspiration in Harmony – by Loopmasters Review Main UI

Rating:  Five out of five stars

KHORDS (Affiliate Link) is a fresh new synthesizer with an excellent collection of sampled of chords to be used in many genres be it in a score, produced song or moving soundscape. After Loopmasters first release Bass Master (Affiliate Link) KHORDS is an excellent new synth that is a harmonic motivation tool to create new ideas.

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Loopmasters KHORDS – Inspiration In Harmony
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