PlugInGuru Airwave V3 Updated! 22 New Multis

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Friday, 28 December 2018
  • Time to read: 2 min.

The Update is available NOW online. If you own Airwave V3, download the FULL version and re-install (NOTE: This will erase ratings if you did any to the library) or use the Manual Install version to replace just the 2 folders in the STEAM folder that are updated (instructions are included). 

LOG IN to the Site and the Files are there! Airwave V3 and V3 LOOPS are a POWERHOUSE production bundle with tons of fresh inspiring Patches and Multis for Trance/Dance music producers. Airwave V3 requires Omnisphere 2.5 or later

Airwave V3 and V3 LOOPS Install
Airwave V3 and V3 LOOPS Install
update Airwave V3 and V3 LOOPS
update Airwave V3 and V3 LOOPS

Airwave aka Laurent Veronnez remains a hugely popular and influential figure in electronic dance music all over the world. From those early days, when he strived to produce his own brand of progressive trance and trance, until today, 20+ years later, he has stayed true to his vision with a modest ambition to deliver quality sounds filled with emotion and personality. He boasts a plethora of aliases and his collaborations and artist tracks have been championed by DJ Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Sasha, John Digweed, and Seb Fontaine to name just a few. 

With 7 studio albums under his belt (new album coming soon!) he boasts hundreds of original works and remixes. He is a constant presence on Bonzai Progressive and JOOF Recordings where he has built a solid reputation. Over the last few years Laurent has traveled the world DJing and has headlined top events including Luminosity Beach Festival, Bonzai Retro, Bonzai Ardennes, Legacy Festival, Retro Beach, Anomaly, Summerlake Festival, Captured Festival, Majefa, Lucent, Horizons Festival and a mainstage appearance with Bonzai All Stars at Tomorrowland 2018.

Even after all this he still finds the time to get into the studio where he puts his heart and soul into making a range of drum loop packs and patch libraries including Triloops, Dance Breaks and now his most anticipated library release yet, Airwave V3 and V3: Loops For Omnisphere 2.5. There is still so much more to come from Laurent, so stay up-to-date on all the usual social media locations.

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