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Pigments an Innovate Synth by Arturia Review Random Feature

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Just one month after the launch of Pigments – Arturia’s exciting new wavetable, virtual analog software synth – their engineers have rolled out its first major update. We reviewed Pigments here: Pigments an Innovate Synth by Arturia Review

Pigments combine the best of two worlds, featuring hugely powerful, cutting-edge wavetable synthesis alongside Arturia’s award-winning virtual analog technology, and a whole host of powerful modulation capabilities and studio-quality effects.

The update to version 1.1 of Pigments includes:

  • Poly Aftertouch now supported
  • Added a 6dB LPF and HPF slope mode to the Multimode Filter
  • New master tune control
  • Turing and Binary random sources now have reset trigger sources
  • Velocity and Keyboard curve editor in Keyboard tab
  • The computer keyboard can now be used as a MIDI input in standalone mode
  • 15 new presets from Andrew Huang
  • Various bugfixes and workflow improvements

Updating Pigments to version 1.1 is easy. Owners to Pigments simply need to open up the Arturia Software Center, and hit “Update” on Pigments.

Pigments 1.1 in Arturia Software Center
Arturia Software Center

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