eXplorer5 bundle by Rob Papen Review

  • By: Thorsten Meyer
  • Date: Monday, 8 April 2019
  • Time to read: 3 min.

eXplorer5 by Rob Papen Review

eXplorer5 by Rob Papen is a bundle of fabulous sounding synthesizers, and effects. We did review eXplorer4 bundle by Rob Papen Review in 2018. With the new fifth release, some new products have been added. Master Magic, RAW Kick, and Go2 have been included. As we did dive in more detail when we reviewed eXplorer4 this is more an updated look into the new bundle which still includes all the “Version 4” synths plus newly added ones. Rob Papen did send a review copy with no strings attached.


This inspirational eXplorer5 bundle includes 20 Rob Papen different products. eXplorer5 is for an owner of the eXplorer4 bundle a so-called no brainer upgrade. Rob Papen and team build up an extraordinary bundle of instruments and effects over the years. Compared to eXplorer4 the new eXplorer5 includes the earlier published Go2 (See our Go2 by Rob Papen Review), MasterMagic, and RAW-Kick.

Go2 by Rob Papen Review
Go2 by Rob Papen

The included products in eXplorer5 cover a magnificent range of Rob Papen Synths and FX tools. You receive in this bundle:

  • Go2: The power of limitations.
  • RAW-Kick: Edgy Kicks for contemporary music.
  • MasterMagic: Adds a touch of magic for your Mix or Master.
  • SubBoomBass 2: Ultimate bass synthesizer.
  • Predator 2: The Synth that hunts your tracks!
  • BLUE-II: Cross-fusion synthesis at its finest.
  • RG: Electric and acoustic guitar grooves.
  • RP-Verb 2: Most intriguing in RP-VERB 2 – alongside the to a great sound – is the new ‘Reverser’ section!
  • RP-EQ: Silky smooth sounding channel and mastering EQ.
  • Blade: The cutting edge of today’s synthesizers!
  • Punch: Speaker busting and body rattling drum machine.
  • Punch-BD: Based on the BD module of the multi-award winning Punch virtual drum synth,
  • RP-Delay: Delay insanity. Reverser, 6 lines, 8 filters, 4 LFOs and more.
  • RP-Distort: Wicked FX unit that will distort or alter your tracks.
  • RP-Amod: Spice up your vocal track, liven an instrument and even beef up your drums.
  • RAW: Cutting edge EDM synthesizer with the focus on ‘distorted sounds
  • SubBoomBass: Ultra-deep groove bass synth with a built-in step sequencer.
  • Predator: Phat analog style synth with killer presets and first-class features.
  • PredatorFX: Filter, modulation, vocoder and effects plug-in.
  • Prisma: Get creative using Rob Papen’s take on instrument layering.

We did already did take a look at Go2 in our Go2 by Rob Papen Review. Another newly added synth is RAW-Kick. This Synth was developed in conjunction with DJ Free-K and DJ Promo. Based on the legendary RAW synthesizer, RAW-Kick includes neat features and focus specifically designed for today’s demanding producers! RAW-Kick offers three unique layers to create and build up your Kick drum sound, which is a common technique often applied by producers. But now, instead of using three separate products, you can use this approach within one product. Each layer offers two methods. You can select a dedicated kick synthesizer model or apply a sample-based layer.

RAW Kick by Rob Papen
RAW-Kick by Rob Papen

RAW-Kick includes with presets from this appreciated Hardcore, Hardstyle and DnB producers: DJ Promo, Caine, DJ Mad Dog, Ophidian, Sinister Souls, Tha Playah, The Outside Agency, and Wavolizer.

Rating:  Five out of five stars

The eXplorer 5 is as the previous bundle (eXplorer4) is a marvelous set of Rob’s famous synths and effects. The extraordinary synths do sound exceptionally good. The total characteristic of the samples used is especially pristine and exciting. You get a lot of synthesizer plus some additional effect plugin and tools. Rob Papen’s virtual instrument bundle is a must buy.

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