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Sonuscore: The Lyrical Bundle. Three lyrical instruments now available





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Sonuscore, developer of high-quality virtual instruments like “The Orchestra”, “Action Strings”, “Action Strikes” and more released The Lyrical Bundle, a collection of the three lyrical instruments: Lyrical Violin Phrases, Lyrical Vocal Phrases, and Lyrical Cello Phrases. Customers who already own parts of the bundle can unquestionably upgrade at a lower price. 

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Sonuscore: The Lyrical Bundle

The instruments:

Lyrical Violin Phrases:

The instrument covers a variety of styles ranging from melodic passages and ethnic phrases to unique double-strings, trills, sul ponticelli, and other techniques. Pressing a key instantly evokes the characteristic, unmistakably human touch that can be adjusted in key, speed, length, succession, and connection of phrases. 

Lyrical Vocal Phrases:

Lyrical Vocal Phrases by Conny Kollet contains more than 300 different live performed phrases, split into 17 themes. Each theme is different in style and contains a set of cinematic, melancholic & dreamy phrases.

Lyrical Cello Phrases:

Lyrical Cello Phrases comes with over 70 freely combinable phrases spread over 10 themes throughout all keys as well as 2 additional bonus themes all played by Mátyás Ölveti.


The Lyrical Bundle comes at a discounted price of 199.00€. Owners of one or more of the lyrical instruments can of course also benefit from the bundle and upgrade at a lower price.

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