Empty Fields – F2 for Omnisphere 2.5

One year ago, in February 2018, Triple Spiral Audio started with the idea to create a soundset that was inspired by the new environment they moved to. Triple Spiral Audio came up with an idea to inspired their customers every month and record and create presets with that material and emotions.

Empty Fields – F2 for Omnisphere 2.5

This resulted in the Empty Fields series. 2 sets for with 10 scheduled releases in a one year period. One for Omnisphere 2.5 and one for Falcon.

Empty Fields – F2 for Omnisphere 2.5 Tex

After a year later of excelent releases the soundset Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2.5 is completed. It was an amazing journey and it became my most popular set Triple Spiral Audio has released. In total the soundset contains 520 presets, 100 multis and 360 custom sound sources.

Werbung / Ad
Empty Fields – F2 for Omnisphere 2.5 Pads

Empty Fields – F.2 is normally available for €75,00 but till the 17th of March it is on sale for €60,00 (VAT included).

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