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SCORECLUB released a new course: Practical Counterpoint 2 – there is an intro sale until April 5.

This course is designed for the late-beginner/intermediate student who has done Practical Counterpoint (or any 2-voice counterpoint study) and wants to write some music!

SCORECLUB SC PC2 Screengrab 06

It has as its goal to teach direct but deep principles of musical construction to write clear, elegant, lean, well-crafted short pieces in two voices. I consider this to be the foundation of good writing.

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SCORECLUB SC PC2 Screengrab 10

So, as such it is NOT a counterpoint course in the traditional sense, (dealing with species and such) but it is about the ART and CRAFT of two voice writing, covering texture, direction and form along with a few more things as well.

I explain things in detail on the course page, but if you have any questions at all, you can email me or DM through here as well.

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